Head cams

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by OldRedCap, Nov 30, 2006.

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  1. Use of head cameras by RN Reg staff?
    "Down in deepest Devon, The Royal Naval Police are the first Military Police service in the UK to use the "Head Cam"!.

    This light weight device is worn on the head and stores images on a mini hard drive for viewing later. The Naval Provost's are using the system around Plymouth's Service Estates in a bid to cut down on anti-social behaviour!"

    Can always rent them out to booties for - erm - home video?
  2. Does it work better than a pick helve, then?

    The trouble with video evidence is that when Plod1 gets back to the sty, he's got to sit down and wade through the recording to locate the juicy bits. Having done this, he's probably got to show somebody else (Plod2) the juicy bits. Somebody else (Plod3) will probably check through the recording to see if any juicy bits have been missed. He'll check with Plod1, then Plod1, Plod2 and Plod3 will review the tape together.

    If the content is thought to be useful as evidence, the process will be repeated several times as it travels up the chain, until someone decides that the case isn't going to procede.

    Result: As opposed to the traditional kick up the backside that would have taken an instant to administer and probably prevented recurrence of the event, lots of Plods will be tied up looking at video screens rather than being out preventing/detecting crimes.

    Perhaps an off-hand look at the situation, but I'm not convinced that improvements in technology always result in economies of labour.
  3. Excellent method of modifying police behaviour for naughty plods and for disproving malicious allegations. Also fairly good for the first plod arriving at a crime scene.

    Dunno about the head mount though, bit unsafe that, I'd prefer it on the shoulder of my armour - less in the way of loose cables thataway
  4. The traditional kick up the backside went out in the eighties mate. Nowadays if you're a police officer who happens to kick a chav up the backside, whether he deserved it or not, or clip his ear, you better look out. It'll end up with you in jail and then with no job.

    All police discretion went out in the ninetees, now the police are data gatherers for labours figures and targets culture.