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  1. 1. Food is very good, all you can eat.

    2. 6-8 hairy arsed queers per 4 man room.

    3. Yep, how else will lads get their fill of porn?

    Seriously though, food is good and plentiful (IMHO), blokes to a room depends on accomodation available at each unit. But you shouldn't be overcrowded. On promotion you should get a bunk. Computers, no problems providing the accomodation has internet connection etc.
  2. What is the food really like what sort of meals do they really serve? Food is what you would get at the local Hilton Hotel. They serve blood, sweat and tears for breakfast.

    How many people do they put in a room together in barracks? Three at the most. Usually depends on how big a hole you can dig. It's not trench warfare, y'know.

    (Kinda stupid) at barracks can you have a computer? Yep. It is kinda stupid that you should ask but I forgive you this time. Can you have a computer? Of course you can. Never heard of wireless have you? So wireless, your computer can take a bullet and still have enough power to call in an airstrike on the b.astards.

    Are you with us or not?
  3. Foods not too bad, during training you'll get what you need, a healthy balanced diet. Ok, so sometimes it might not look or taste healthy, but it is...

    I'll not comment on once your out of training, due to not eating in the Regimental Restraunt and choosing instead to look after my own food in the block, which brings me on nicely to.......

    Accomodation, in training, I'm guessing its the same as it was 7 years ago, 6-8 people in a 6-8 man room, sharing ablutions etc, as is to be expected.

    Elsewhere, depending on where you go, you could find yourself in another 2/6/8/ man room sharing with the requisite number of people, though I believe (i could be wrong) that there is very few places where that is the case.

    If you are lucky enough to be posted to somewhere that has 'z type' accomodation, you'll find yourself with your own room with an ensuite toilet/shower room, at my place we have communal sitting room and cooking facilities as well as communal washing machines.

    This works out to one washer, dryer, 2 ring hob+microwave, one large sitting/communal/tv room between 8 people in each corridor, being individual rooms ther corridor is 'unisex' as it were.

    Computers, yes, you're allowed them, though I wouldn't expect that during training you would have a whole lot of use for one except for the odd email home if your able to connect to the net. You'd definatly not be able to have a desktop, I wouldn't have thought..

    Once your out of training, and in, dare I say it, your own room, then you can have big a computer as you like, most places now have either facilities for wireless connections to the web, or for arranging a phone line and internet connection etc to individual rooms.
  4. What food you get served isn't really something to worry about is it? I haven't even thought about that. I'm guessing it must be healthy'ish at least during basic.
  5. 1) I hope you like rice and potatos.

  6. is it me or is he a dick

    but ty for all the help every1 else gave me
  7. it is you

    You need to be able to take a bit of banter if you want to enjoy life in the army mate. It is all part of teh game.... :D
  8. Get a grip and stop asking bone questions, dcik.
  9. hey blockhead, talking from experience if you ask a knobbish question your possibly more than likely to get ripped for it.....trust me you learn to think before you post a question or face the wrath hehehe
  10. If you think its bad here, wait until you get to a unit.
  11. Oh god I'm fully expecting to get ripped for something or other...but it's all part of learning i guess! hehe
  12. I don't think you can quite expect it as such but still..
  13. Keep that attitude and you'll do fine.