He will sign it, after all

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by angular, Dec 12, 2007.

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  1. Is this utter f*ckwit doing everything he can to screw this country before the next election when he knows he'll be out on his ear. He has already screwed over the forces and public services by giving all the money to subsidise black ginger lesbians in wheelchairs, hope he dies of a horrific skin disease - fecking penile wart :x

    Okay - I'm done now :)

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  2. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    He WILL attend in person to sign more of the Union to the dustbin of history.

    Well done the fcuking man!
  3. where are the protests from the general public?

    Its all very well us who have served and are serving complaining about the loss of sovereignty but when are we as a country going to get off our asses and tell the ******* who profess to rule in our name that we do not want this treaty. What really gripes me is that they already know this and are crashing on regardless.

    Where does the ordinary man on the street turn to show his contempt for this government and this treaty? we cant turn to the political parties as they no longer reresent our views on..well ...anything. the tories are only "hinting" they will hold a referendum after they regain power but we know they will not do so.

    We cannot hold our political parties accountable anymore. They promise a lot when they need our vote but look at this current lot. Have they kept ANY of their manifesto? We know they havent but what comeback have they had? None. This should be illegal. When we voted them in we entered into a contract with them. They got our vote in return for the promise of action. Lying in order to gain power should be illegal in politics but who am i kidding. Lying and politics go hand in hand but it shouldnt. WE shouldnt allow it and by allowing it to happen we reap what we sow.

    The two main political parties have consistently denied us a right to vote on fundamental change within the EEC. When are we going to mobilise the general public and stop the fcukwits in power selling us down the river?

    It is time for an alternative to our current 2 party state. The are blatantly corrupt and do not understand the concept of honour and integrity. They do now understand they are in their jobs to represent our views whatever they may be. A fundamental overhaul of our voting system needs to be implemented and politicians need to face the consequences when going they ignore th manifesto's that got them elected.

    Furthermore in cases of such importance in which we are considering fundamental changes to our national sovereignty the decision has to be taken AWAY from politicians. By not asking us they are guilty of a major abuse of their positions. We should be demanding a referendum not just flaming threads such as these.
  4. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    I hope you have been given permission by the police for your mass protests, because if you haven't, you will be arrested and charged under the anti-terrorism act. Just a thought.
  5. I hate this fucking government.
    Clarkson! When are you going to rise up and form the rebellion? Time is running out!
  6. YES!!! Clarkson for PM!!!
  7. The depressing fact is that voting no longer changes anything, as Livingstone said "If it did they would stop it"

    The major parties are interchangeable, and also it seems hereditary, look at the family of Viscount Stansgate Anthony Wedgewood Benn, sorry I meant bloke of the people Tony Benn already looking for a third generation of political leech, the fat cnut Prescott's son standing if he can escape the sleaze rumours.

    They produce nothing steal what they can, and indulge in Spanish customs that would have embarrassed a seventies Fleet Street printer.

    To protest is to be arrested onterrorist charges as has already happened
    and the current trend would gladden the hearts of the Gestapo.

    The only real chances for this country is a real statesman who wants what is good for this country, or a revolution, and the cure might be worse than the disease.

    Politicians wonder why nobody bothers to vote anymore? I despair. :frustrated: :pissedoff:
  8. Bottom line, I just dont trust this horrible piece of work signing anything on my behalf. How did this happen? He shouldnt even be sat in that seat. What a waking nightmare.
    He's the worst kind of politician, who is confident that he knows whats best for us without bothering to ask. I hope he accidently stabs himself with the pen and gets ink poisoning.
  9. No - Clarkson for LORD PROTECTOR!!! :twisted:
  10. Can you keep all this "Clarkson for PM" stuff under wraps. If HMG find out he is more populare than they are he might find himself on a "long walk in country", from which he may never return.

    I know he's not a weapons expert, but I wouldn't put anything past this lot. If you ask me they topped Litvenyenko in order to pish off Ivan.
  11. Brown is a traitor - no other word for it. It's time Her Majesty had a word - or called out Her troops.
  12. That traitorous piece of shit makes me ashamed to be Scottish :x
  13. Slow internet in this part of the world.....what's this about? Is our Lederen about to sign another piece of paper?
  14. Short version: Brown's decided to sign us up to the new EU treaty/constitution. Before he'd be planning to use having to make an appearance before a select committee (a fortuitous bit of luck most people think he rigged to try and get out of going) as an excuse not to go and sending a junior minister instead, although he's now decided to go sign it in person so long as he gets to do the signing in private and doesn't have to have his picture taken during the official bit with the other heads of government. The thinking seeming to be if there's no photographic evidence then they can't pin it on me/nothing for the papers to splash across the front page. As someone has already aptly pointed out before, this from the man that writes books on the subject of courage.