He who Controls Berlin ... Controls Europe.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by AIR FILTER, Jan 8, 2012.

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  1. Whoever controls Berlin controls Germany, and whoever controls Germany controls Europe were among the most famous words of Karl Marx (1818-1893)

    Would you say that these words which were spoken over 120 years ago still remain true today?
  2. Does Angela Merkel control europe?

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  3. It was certainly bollocks during a period known as The Cold War.
  4. She doesn't control Berlin either though.
  5. Funny that!

    She certainly controls Greece (until the street riots get too hot to handle); she controls Spain and Portugal. Ireland is in her thrall - the Micks don't know this of course. Despite the protestations of the dwarf-like Sarkozy, she definitely has her hand on the French throttle. The are other subservient 'states': Austria, Hungary for 'starters'.

    Herr Angela Merkel is, without any doubt whatsoever, the face and unpleasant voice of the Fourth Reich.

    Merkel is a person who is, in human form, the combination of the very worst aspects of fascism and communism. 'Freedom and Democracy' are very dirty words. Good words are: Do as I tell you!!! Ein geldt Macht Frei. (Providing of course Germany controls and decides EVERYTHING). Actually what that stupid attempt at German means is: Do as you are fvcking told - or else!!!

    Never mind. I hope only for two things:

    one; I live long enough to see the European Soviet Union implode with a bang that the Large Hadron Collider could not measure, and:

    two; no British infantry are sent into Europe to clean up the inevitable mess - not one single infantryman!

    Out out out out now!!!!
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  6. "Iam not a Marxist"

    Karl Marx. Your move.
  7. Germany's ambitions just echo the IRA. If you can't do it my Militarial means resort to politics. She's just carrying out Adolf's bidding.
  8. If the Russians ever get the slightest inkling that Germany has designs to outgrow their boots again, expect handbags.

    I don't buy the Fourth Reich theory, which is actually pretty insulting to those who suffered under the real thing.
  9. Would it not be wise for the worlds country's who's economy has gone to hell to study the "German mentality" to establish how is it that Germany has always generally been a strong mighty nation with a healthy economy :?

    Germany's economic success has not just fallen into its lap by pure luck throughout the century's.

    And this notion of being something to do with the Forth Reich is absolute bullshit.

    Germany (although not perfect) is without doubt the strongest country in Europe today ..... Fact.
  10. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Reviewer

    Not so sure. The USSR controlled the eastern half and the US the western, with some help from the UK and France. Pretty much mirrors the continental situation at the time, too. Until Mr Gorbachev let go and handed it back to the Germans.
  11. Who controls Berlin (which is very much bankrupt)? Klaus Wowereit, their Buggermeister.
    And he's a poof.

    So if that saying has any truth in it, we are well and truly f**ked.
  12. I've been studying this for quite some time now, since the euro crisis started. The German banks still have 980 billion euros worth of toxic debt on there books that they can't write down because its all hedged with CDS's and they lose out big-time. The German national debt is around 3 trillion euros and the last time the German govenment managed to balance its books was 1961. The country is living on a past reputation that was neve really earned and is virtually bankrupt.

    MiSoGr and a Happy New Year to all.
  13. here's a nice article about what caused the eurozone crisis. studying it will reveal why germany is doing so well compared to everyone else:
    BBC News - What really caused the eurozone crisis?

    germany is being presented as the poor buggers who did everything right and need to save the eurozone. when in fact they are the main reason it can't work without making major changes. no eurozone country can hope to compete with the germans if as long as they have the same currency, with a few exceptions.

    who knows, if europe doesn't get out of this schlamassel and things continue to get worse for a few more years / decades, germany might end up being responsible for another great european war.

    which the UK (or possibly just england by that time) will win of course.