He shoots, he Scores!!!

Discussion in 'Lonely Hearts' started by Zorro, Aug 2, 2005.

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  1. Has anyone actually ever scored through the wonder that is ARRSE??

    I obviously mean established a lasting and meaningful relationship with a member of the opposite sex, is there an ARRSE wedding on the cards!! (or alternatively a drunken one night stand which has haunted you ever since)

    (These have to be real people and not the ones from your dreams Gunny!)
  2. there had to be some ARRSE night out scoring going on, Beebs got pregnant!! ;)
  3. BB and flash?

    ok so they never did it but she wanted to and still does if her stalking is anything to go by!

    unrequited love hurts eh?

    what about ducky and liz is that just flirting or is there more?

  4. Ducky? Ducky who?

    I have him locked up in my attic - and is being worked over by a relay of Burmese Torture Experts with rubber hoses and electro shocks as we speak. Bloody Orange feathers everywhere.

    liz_the_nurse will never see Ducky again!!!! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

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  5. ARRSE wedding would be fab, there must be some stories....
  6. There are plenty, but all classed as 'strickly confidential'.
  7. Boooooooooo!!!!! Come on spill the proverbial!
  8. Not from this C/S , unless Angelina Jolie or Frances Linzee Gordon have joined the site under a cunning disguise
  9. There've been at least 2 already.
  10. liz_the_nurse will never see Ducky again!!!! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA![/color] :lol:[/quote]

    I knew it......and nobody believed me!....I will never love another Duck the way I loved him.....rest in peace....lover forever......
  11. ahh liz - but what a fab picture! poor ducky
  12. Duck love, surely thats illegal??????
  13. maybe, must depend on the country of residence
  14. And the age of the duck!!
  15. The feathers erotic! The whole duck is just animal farm-ish!

    Poor Ducky!

    Beebs :(