HE needs love the poor lad

Discussion in 'Lonely Hearts' started by white_rabbit, Jan 7, 2009.

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  1. HIM!

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  2. So you've been hunting on a woofter website and you're telling us why?
  3. And he is?
  4. this is lonely hearts init! im helping out a freind! without his permission :twisted: but he will thank me i hope
  5. Either thank you or kill you. ASL?
  6. young male northeast Uk
  7. YOUNG??? What like 11? How young?
  8. too young for your life sucking grip! haha naa PM me and and ill put you in contact with him if your interested :)
  9. Not sure yet, I might end up breaking him, he looks a bit delicate :wink:
  10. fcuk me you can tell alot from a face 8O
  11. Didn't think this was anything to do with f*cking you rabbit, are you part of the deal too? :wink:
  12. send me your pic and i might come as part of the deal :twisted: .... :roll:
  13. Can i watch?....
  14. I can smell some dollah coming out of this muhaha :idea:
  15. Fcuk while were at it, dashing young bloke here, NE too ;)