HE needs love the poor lad

So you've been hunting on a woofter website and you're telling us why?
Either thank you or kill you. ASL?
YOUNG??? What like 11? How young?
too young for your life sucking grip! haha naa PM me and and ill put you in contact with him if your interested :)
Not sure yet, I might end up breaking him, he looks a bit delicate :wink:
Didn't think this was anything to do with f*cking you rabbit, are you part of the deal too? :wink:
PM me a pic of you just wearing a smile then we'll talk :D
I meant rabbit but f*ck it all of you if you want, I'll study them later
lol sounds like we could make a very intresting montage here...all earning some dollah..not intergeri shes just a stooge...what you reckon guys..im sure my friend could be persuaded! mind we aint seen inter yet 8O
how did you get a picture like that of your "freind" it looks mildly seductive! Anyway im in the North East and he looks like he needs a damn good violating. I shall inform the WAFia and we will take turns in educating him!

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