He must work out. (Paris toddler balcony rescue)

Christ; is that one of fat, skipping boy's routines? The shame.
It's irked me since Sid Meier's Civilisation games but finding out that the home counties crap jester feels the same is hard to take.
Making up new words (or bastardising old ones) is what English is all about and has occurred since the year dot.
You should celebrate its myriad variation and world dominance.
Otherwise you’re advocating we should be French: scared of new words, minimising outside influence and requiring a quango to protect us.
May I recommend ‘Mother Tongue: The Story of the English Language’, by Bill Bryson for an amusing view of English as a world language, including pidgin English and creole.
I caught the disease from an American.

(no disrespect to your missus!)
EDIT: sorry, did not watch the whole vid previously posted, It's not nice.
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(no disrespect to your missus!)
EDIT: sorry, did not watch the whole vid previously posted, It's not nice.
None taken.

The Mrs is English, both parents from Norf Lahndun.

Just that when you live amongst them you have to adopt the local patois and customs to be understood.
Yeah. Like they're really going to dangle a four-year-old child out of a window just for shits and giggles. The only idiot who would have done that is Michael Jackson, and he's long dead. This is a conspiracy theory too far even for my credulous nearly half-three in the morning mind.
whilst I admit I am taking this at face value I'm open to other options. How was it setup?
Perhaps the toddler was really a stunt dwarf?! :smile:


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If anyone believes that wasn't set up they need their brains tested.
If it was set up they should perhaps have thought through the cover story.... saying you've gone out to play Pokemon Go and have left your kid alone to clamber around the outside of a building isn't the best move. It may help get your friend the French citizenship he's after but may get the husband banged up.
Father of boy dangling from Paris balcony was out playing Pokémon Go, prosecutor says
I once had to throw a grappling hook, and climb up a rope in full kit with weapon, up through a second story window in Inber village.

Where's my ruddy French citizenship ?


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It'll be bastarding 'horseback riding' next. The only nation in the world that feels it necessary to make explicit what part of the thing you're supposed to sit .

perhaps the only nation that needs to ...?

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