He must have been desperate !



'Wicked' women jailed for accusing man of rape after he showed police pictures of their consensual threesome | Mail Online

Now you would have to be very very desperate to have a 3 some with those two munters. I wonder who's arse got burnt first on the light bulb ! Look at the bloody size of 'em !

Mind you if you're desperate................
Done worse as the saying goes. Interesting to see that the prosecutor was female, probably helped in sussing out the daft bints accusations.
Only 20 months...

10 fcuking years for both of the sl4gs and public humiliation. Not fcuking interested that one 'wants to look after her children' the lying fcuk ugly siren.

Lucky he had the photos.

I think they are lieing about their ages too!!!


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Now you would have to be very very desperate
No, you would just have to be Welsh. Enes Gozalan is clearly a Welsh name. Times are hard in Wales because the pits have shut and the Cardiff Torchwood Experience is shite. So it is rape some Munters or shag a sheep.

And people say the Scots are a special case. Jesus fucking Christ.
the Cardiff Torchwood Experience is shite.
ID, please tell me you've made up the "Cardiff Torchwood Experience". Please, please, please! That can't be true.

As for the birds, I definitely would, if the Cardiff Torchwood Experience was the only alternative. But I would feel slightly soiled in a moral sense the morning after.

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