He made my best friend chuckle

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Jerrycan2793, May 23, 2011.

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  1. taylor1001 just getting to know people and living life a

    A good mate of mine has family in the Army and forwarded me this guys link, Her brother has done a fair bit with the BRF out in Afghanistan and her old man is a Colonel (Retd).

    She had a brief chat with this guy and he told her he was in the Guards soon followed by comments that her old man/brother where a set of REMF's/Crap Hats.

    I dont doubt that he is a soldier but hes bending the truth a little me thinks.

    Have fun
  2. I'm assuming the guy in the photo you linked to is the one you don't think is a soldier?

    On Herrick 11 there were the Grenadier Guards (with a plt from the Irish Guards) and the HCR from the Household Division. He doesn't appear to be wearing a HCav Blue Red Blue flash so that would narrow him down to the Grenadier Guards. He looks familiar but I can't put a name to the face.

    Not defending him, just pointing out that just because he says some one is a remf/crap hat (not sure why he'd use that term) doesn't make them a walt.

    As this is the NAAFI does your friend have any gash pics she can send me?
  3. I dont dispute that he is a soldier. It just entertained me that he called REMF/CRAP Hat when her brother is HCR and her old man was a rather cracking chap
  4. My bad, I misread I don't doubt as I doubt.

    He's a crow who thinks he's nails because he's done a tour or two
  5. lol probably, he was rather touchy, He blocked her when she told him what for "diddums the little soldier got upset where her words" Personally I would expect anyone of true standing in the British Army to destroy my friend physically and mentally before hoping out of her bedroom window, saluting her dad and going back to tell his mates but instead he crys off. WHAT A BIFF
  6. So story here is squaddie tries to gum his plums by stretching the truth a little. I once got laid by claimimg to be a submersible pilot who'd dived the titanic however dont expect some outraged stranger to invite ridicule on the internet. Take up masterbation - I find it a great stress reliever and it prevents me from posting bone threads such as this.
  7. Its you isnt it!!
  8. even if it was me, i wouldnt be ashamed of it! I have a feeling the last bloke who shagged you was Red 1 - at least thats what he told you.
  9. Prob Gren's coming form staff's, but a lot of the HCR used to wear the smaller BRB patches on combats rather than the larger DZ flashes!
    Maybe he's put a profile up cos he knows the OP will be interested and he loves the cock?

    Must be a Gren then!
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