He left your baby to save mine.......

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by chinooksdad, Aug 27, 2009.

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  1. I can't find a link as yet, I'm just watching it on the ITV Evening News however the words of the mother of a young lad recently killed to Mrs MacAleese as they met the coffins off the plane at Lyneham are just awe-inspiring.

    'Your husband left his son in order to try to save mine......'

    Surely to give your life in order to save a comrade is worthy of the highest accolade and medal? Given the ferocity of the fighting out there and the fact these boys are being repatriated EVERY week, surely such a posthumous award should be automatic? Or maybe a new humanitarian medal..

    Whatever - inspiring courage.
  2. Sentimental twaddle.
  3. Sjt MacAleese was only KIA 7 days ago.

    Didn't it take a year for Beharry's VC to be awarded?

    I'm not saying that MacAleese will get a VC or anything of the sort, just that isn't it a bit early to be talking about getting medals or not.
  4. Comment noted CQMS although I doubt a cock like you ever got that high. Sounds better than PTE though. Now fcuk off prick and crayon on another thread.
  5. Play nice kiddies
  6. I think the moniker 'CQMS' maybe points out the fact he got higher?

    Agree that it's sentimental twaddle.

  7. Right, from now on I'm MajorGeneralChinooksDad
  8. not that fussed about the thread but CQMS is indeed a C*NT.......
  9. I think that it's unfair to describe the sentiments of a greiving mother, who has just lost her son as sentimental twaddle. You don't earn points or make yourself sound ally by expressing such heartless comments, if you have nothing nice to say.....

    Those who knew Paul would explain that the actions leading up to his death were entirely in character, a very tough cookie in every respect, but a top bloke to boot. I know that in these circumstances it often seems everyone has something nice to say about the departed, but in his case, a random sweep of Herefordians of our age group would demonstrate how well known and respected he was.
  10. No you're not, you're a dick.
  11. lads how bout we don't trash a thread...

    And to be honest he didn't leave his son to save hers, he left someone safe to save someone in trouble, something i hope anyone would do for me no matter who that person was in the better circumstances.
  12. God, that's hurts coming from a non-entity such as yourself.
  13. Does it not say something about the true character of the British soldier that so many have died trying to save their omrades?

    Does it not say something about the character of our enemies that they die in order to murder?

    That is why we will ultimately succeed and they will ultimately fail.

    RIP to every single one of our fallen.
  14. I'll write a letter to Starbucks, wear red tomorrow and stand in the garden singing "freedom isn't free" whilst saluting the flag.

  15. How easy it is to mock sentiments of a greiving mother from behind your keyboard. Prehaps you'd be equally brave faced with said family or friends? Somehow I doubt it.