He is going to stick out a bit

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by dusty_jacket, Dec 2, 2012.

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  1. An ethnic minority joins the Army and will be doing his job.

    So what?
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  2. They will take his best turban, spray it with Evo-stik and roll it in hair-clippings. Good as the real thing.

    Or were you hoping for some printable quotes, ones ideally involving UKIP and sending them all back?
  3. Agree with CTDummy.So what as long as he keeps the scum away from Her Maj.
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  4. Not really, I am not a journo or a politician in any way, and I do not consider myself in any way racist, however I do believe in traditions, and I think this is a step backwards, surely he could wear something under his bearskin.
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  5. He's a Sikh and his people have a long and proud tradition serving King, Queen and country.
    Good on him I say, he'll be an excellent role model for young Sikh lads.

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  6. The Sihks were the most loyal sepoys we we had in India, they never mutinied, we shouldn't ever forget that, they haven't and their neighbours in India haven't. When other sepoys were murdering British women and children sihks were also being killed protecting them. They are a warrior people, that's the only reason they still exist.

    They also recently offered to raise and man a British Sihk infantry batallion in the UK, shot down by the new labourites as being not multi culti enough and a red flag for our new masters in Pakistan.

    Bout time I'd say, at least he's not a porridge wog!
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  7. I'm glad to see the Scots Guards are holding up the finest traditions of getting bent out of shape about something that no one outside of F Company will give two shits about.
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  8. Whilst I've got a couple of Sikh mates, a good number of the Sikhs in the RHKP went over the the Japanese during WW2, which meant hen the British returned in 1945 the Sikhs were no longer welcome to join the OB.

    (In fairness, some other Sikh RHKP risked their lives to smuggle food to gweilo OB who were interned by the Japs).
  9. No it isn't he will be the first Guardsman to guard Buckingham Palace without wearing bearskin.
  10. ... and of which Queen Victoria would probably have approved.
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  11. I've read the headline twice now. Am I right or am I right. ;P
  12. No you're wrong, he is a Sikh who has joined the Scots Guards, there for he will be the first to guard Buckingham Palace without a bearskin.
  13. Point of pedantry but it doesn't say that in the headline. There has been numerous guards guarding Buck House without a bearskin.