He hit me first..

Hello all,

I understand that some feedback might not be positive but it will be taken on board as well!!

Anyhow, I was on Saturday night and was speaking to a guy I recognised from the local train station (He works there as a train conductor) and his mate thought I was given him some abuse so he decided to headbutt me out of the blue and my immediate reaction was to punch him back giving him a nice black eye but then he and his two friends decided to give me a good kicking resulting in a few injuries including a nice bite mark on my side. The police arrived (about 10 minutes later in the city centre!!) but I didn't want to give a statement because I'm signing up and don't want the army thinking I go out looking for fights. The old man is really wanting me to go to the cops about it but I just want to get a bit of advice first of all. As said before, I know where one of the guys work and want to know would it be worth going to the police or can he come back on me because of his eye?


There is a few witnesses who worked in the local kebab shop that I was eating at but whether they would want to say anything and I was with a mate, there was also CCTV at the kebab shop but I couldn't see any CCTV that the police use, seemed to be the perfect place to give someone a kicking tbh..


Not all commercial CCTV recordings are kept so don't bet on that, ask them, also ask if they would be willing to give a statement as to what they saw.
I would not expect the plod to be super interested in a bunch of guys kicking off on a Saturday night, (how many involved had been drinking?). Unless it is cut and dried they may not give a toss. Alternatively a civil suit is based on balance of probability, and could be worth following up - but I think (and I have no specialist knowledge on this, just one experience) that the key is in independant witnesses, not just your mates word against his mates word.
Cheers Alsacien, I appreciate the advice, I know my mates word against his is pretty worthless, I've tried explaining this to the old man but he's pretty hell-bent on getting the guys who did it.. I'd be prepared to just leave it because having dealt with police before for different matters, I don't think they could be arrsed going through with it..

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First - make sure that they have not put in a complaint about you!!
Second - if not, then put it down to experience.
First - make sure that they have not put in a complaint about you!!
Second - if not, then put it down to experience.
I doubt they would have put in a complaint about me because it was me who recieved the kicking, I think I will just leave it, what doesn't kill you can only make you stronger, eh?

Cheers Auld-Yin,


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