He he. I think I know what she wants..


I'm sorry me old boyle-monster. It just seems to me that you're begging to get it up the ricker...
And her hat looks like a bell-end :)
Can anyone add a caption to the photo?
She looks as if shes holding up a picture of PAs asshole after a Special night out with Jarrod !
How do you know what the business end of PA's colon looks like? Or do you proscribe to the 'Don't knock it 'till you've tried it' rule of evidence gathering?
If that is where to aim to allow for fall of shot with the SA80 who out of the old and bold is willing to waste precious a single 7.62 from that museum piece the S "cough" L "cough" R. To make it a more effective strike?
Death threats from cousin of SuBo? Mild outrage? White hot rage?

What should we be looking for?

Or will the cousin sit looking at the screen saying "ahhh noooooooooo thas just shite an nasty an mean ya weeee bastards!"

Still at least she is promoting it rather than burning it (at which we will probably have more look the other way type affairs)

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