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No,No,No Those are loyal NK troops who have served Kim-el-fookit well. They get all those medals straight out of training. It looks good you see to have so many medal wearers on parade. What you don’t know about is the Crane used to dress them every morning.


I am not sure that the fellow is knowingly walting it up. There has to be some sort of reasoning behind the number of GSMs and the style in which they are worn.

You’d have to imagine that an ex serviceman entitled to wear a GSM would know that only one medal would be worn (perhaps with more than one clasp of course*). No ex serviceman would wear his (or anybody else's medals) in that way. Would they?

*something like a dozen clasps were issued with GSM 62. Most anyone qualified for was something like six. Four is quite possible.
There was a poster who used to appear now and again, mainly anything to do with Skydiving who clearly was ex-them, who had something like 8bars on his pre-62 GSM, and a further 4 on his post-62 GSM.
The nearest I've come across before to this chap's ultra grandstanding is the rare occasion where someone with two clasps on a single 62 GSM has turned it into two single-clasp medals, claiming that's what it should be.

Yes, the picture looks awful but there are many army, ex-army and also Arrse members who create their own rules about what is the de rigueur and it's often pure fantasy.

If it's a black beret as opposed to the navy blue of the Queen's, I wouldn't lose any sleep over it. Some old boys do the best they can to source the headgear- many of his generation, I suspect, didn't see any reason to hang on to their issued one.

Of course, if he didn't serve 4 NI tours with the Queen's, that would be much different matter, but I haven't read anything that suggests he didn't.

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