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  1. Hopefully I'm in the right place for a bit of help over HDT(automatic) on JPA.
    I live 80 miles from my duty station, I receive HDT which I'm aware is up to a max of50 miles (unless special circumstances). My OC gave permission for me to live out, i get the 50 miles HDT but still have to pay the 9mile personal contribution (PC). Is this right having effectively paid 30miles PC already?
  2. Yes unless you work within Central London/ Woolwich and 1 other place that I've forgotten
  3. You can put a case up to demonstrate that it is cheaper to pay you the extra miles, rather than the relocation and disturbance allowance.

    Did that a few times for people when I worked in Marchwood and they all got it every time.
  4. AFAIK this is correct, i've had HTD a couple of times, for travelling over 50 miles, but only got the 41 miles each way. But i'm sure, asDS says, theree may be a case for it being cheaper to pay the whole whack rather than to relocate you, I think it depends on the length of your assignment, i.e. if you are going to be there for a few years then the cost of relocation may be less than paying it all, but if you are not it may be cheaper to relocate you
  5. Its correct Im affraid. I live 55 miles from duty station and the extra miles dont come into it