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Hi all,

I'm currently receiving HDT (Public) driving into work in London every day (54 mile round trip). I'm considering changing to going by train so I don't have to sit in the bloody traffic for up to two and a half hours each way!

My question is this:

I have a colleague who lives fairly close to me, travels by train, but receives HDT (Private), and has to pay IIRC about £80 towards his travelcard a month as his PC.

As I'm in SFA and therefore receiving Public rather than Private HDT, how would my PC be calculated towards my travelcard and how would it compare with my colleague?

Just trying to work out whether it's worth losing out on the extra dosh every month for the convenience of public transport.

Many thanks in anticipation,



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Can't you just get the train and keep quiet? What they don't know won't hurt them ;)

Errrm, because the all zones travel card would cost me probably about the same as I get in HDT without even taking into account the cost of parking at the station.

Additionally that could be classed as fraud and I really can't be arsed being discharged over being too lazy to change the method of travel.

All I really want to know is what sort of PC I'm looking at?

I guess I'll just have to go and ask the incredibly embittered and passed over SPS full screw who lives in some sort of squalid nest in RHQ flinging his own faeces at passersby.

Oh joy.

I was going to post a sensible answer but reading your latest it seems you are in the good hands of an excellent example of the "Combat HR Specialist"



Tubs, I think it is £0.30 per day (equates to 1 mile) deducted from your salary for every day the ticket is valid. I assume the cheapest option is a season ticket of some sort and as you can (theoretically) use it every day, then you pay the contribution every day. Bear in mind that contributions for HDT will change from 1 May when it increases to 3 miles and then to 6 miles Apr 2012, and 9 miles from Apr 2013. So it could go up to approx 90p per day from May, although I am not sure the exact rates are out yet.

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