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HDT (Private) - do you have to buy your house within 6 months of being posted in?


Quick question, probably a dead easy answer for those in the know.

I've read JSP752 but can't find the answer in there, and can't find anything on this using the search facility.

I'm posted in a wee while, and moving into SFA initially. However, we are hoping to buy a house in the area, ideally within a few months of being posted in. On reading JSP 752, I find this:

04.1327. Change of Residence other than on Assignment. If a Service person changes residence other than on assignment, the distance is to be reassessed and the HDT entitlement amended accordingly. Personnel assigned to Central London should refer to paragraph 04.1325a.
However, a couple of people at work have mentioned a rule (no reference known) that you can only claim HDT (Private) if you buy your house within 6 months of being posted in. I can't find this mentioned anywhere in JSP752; is it in another publication? Is it a defunct rule which no longer applies?

I would have thought they would be happy to pay HDT for anyone who moves out of a quarter into their own house; saves them a bundle overall.

I know about the 9 miles / 50 miles etc. Just want to know if I am eligible to claim HDT (Private)? Is it affected either way if I decide to take LSAP as well?

Cheers in advance.
The rule used to be if you moved out mid tour you could only claim up to what you were claiming before, so if you lived less than 9 miles away after moving to private property then you would not get any money. Not sure if that was written down either, or it is another unwritten rule

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