HDT personal contribution

Can anyone tell me what the personal contribution would be for a season ticket, into central london, costing about £2400/year.

JSP 752 says this,

04.1325. Maximum Distance. All HDT (Public) and HDT (Private) claimants will be restricted to a maximum of 50 miles per single journey, including the distance of any PC, except for the following:

a. Personnel in Central London assignments will be issued with a season ticket or paid unlimited HDT for their full public transport travel costs, recognising that the majority will travel by public transport, normally rail.

does that mean the whole cost is paid?
I take it no-one knows then! Just trying to do some advance financial planning....
If recieving a season ticket your journey is not limited to the 50 miles it usually would if you were travelling by car - you are issued with the ticket monthly and you use it when required.

You will pay a normal PC depending on your accomodation (SLA/SSSA/SFA = 1 mile PC, Private home = 9 miles PC).

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