HDT, MMA & the fuel crisis

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by BarryBuddon, Jun 18, 2008.

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  1. Being the old pessimistic that I am, I do not foresee an increase in the above rates anytime before August. I do hope in fact that the same line from last year stating that 'the costs involved in a running car have decreased' will be used!

    If anyone from the SP POL Pay Shops are reading:

  2. Become an MP and then claim that 45p/mile is insufficient!

  3. To be fair, unless your car uses a litre of fuel per mile the MMA you get at any rate covers your fuel costs and as far as HDT costs, if you were in civvy street you'd have to pay for all your fuel costs out of your own pocket.

    I know i'd prefer the money the army pays on top of our wages.
  4. What fkin planet are you on?
  5. SuzyMONGster

    I think you will find that the money we get isnt just for fuel, it also goes to wards servicing costs and "fair wear and tear" of usage during those miles..... tyres etc.

    please only post on threads you know at least something about.

    have a good weekend

  6. Why not join the army then?
  7. Two points.

    1. HDT is supposed to reflect the saving that is made by not paying you to relocate, not to fully fund your daily travel (which begs the question, 'why is it not a flat rate?').

    2. You can claim tax relief on the difference between what you are paid for duty travel and what the taxman deems reasonable (the difference is about 20p per mile, so you would get £80 back for a round trip of 1000 miles as a higher rate taxpayer, or £40 if you are a pauper).
  8. As per my post on another thread the difference is 11.7p per mile so a higher rate tax payer would get £46.8 per 1000 miles back a "pauper" £23.40 - not claimable for commuting though.

  9. Happy to be corrected, it's a couple of years since I've been able to make a claim for a tax refund.