HDT Mileage Madness

I am currently living in a quarter in the location I am due to be posted to and am commuting to work each day. Not a problem so far as I claim my HDT for the journeys. What is gripping me is the fact that the quickest, most sensible and easiest route works out at about 23 miles and takes about 30 minutes. Indeed AA, RAC and google maps all give a broadly similar route. However the admin department in their infinite wisdom simply input the postcodes into Routefinder and select the shortest route, this works out at 18 miles involves only 6 stretches of road that are longer than 1 mile long (the longest being just 2.3 miles), this is also set to take 1 hour - more likely to be about 2 hours as it goes through Oxford.

I know its only 5 miles difference but where does it say that the route has to be the shortest and not the most economical?
After my obviously well received whinge I bothered my own arrse to look it up and found the answer, spoke to the relevent personnel and will be driving the approved route tomorrow. If it does indeed take forever I can staff a case to be allowed to claim the extra 5 miles.

Not that anybodies bothered because no-one responded to my first post. So I'm just writing this to up my post count by 1 and to leave my nasty little mark somewhere else in cyberspace!
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