HDT 55miles - Help :(


Im just back from tour and at the end of my PoL im off to a new unit, 55miles from home. Its a simple journey which i wish to commute. In turn i have a feq questions so i can figure out wether this is financialy possible.

1) I read elsewhere on these Forums that HDT isnot allowed in excess of 50miles without the CO's permision which ive not heard before and know people who commute further without doing so

2) The auto rtate is based on 18days commuting a month.... ive been through 2011 and the fewest days is 20...Working up to 25 so do i enter the extra 7 days as manual claims?

3) Its a 55mile journey so it'll be £16.27 per day i day travel. So June 2011 for example is the 18 automatic days (16.27 x 18 = £292.86), plus the additional 4 days manually entered via expenses (£27.50 x 4 = £110) which would total at £402.86. Is this correct? Or is the auto rate based on the amout of days in the month as with fuel prices as they are it'll cost considerably more than this in fuel.

As ive been driving a fair few years my insurance covers me for commuting and business as standard now so thats covered. its just the actual amounts etc i need to work out.

Sorry to ask so many questions - I hate how the MOD publishes these things in such ways they cant be understood.


There will be no manual claims, if you get the hdt automatic then that's it, no further claims are allowed. As for the 50 mile rule it's in the JSP it's just that some units enforce the rules more vigorously than others
You will (should ) have to do a cost analysis to work out whether the extra mileage above the 50 mile rate would be less than the re-location costs for the duration of your assignment and present that information to the CO, if it is less that the relocation you will get the extra miles (up to 70), if it is more you will be capped at 50.

Or at least that used to be how it worked pre-JPA days.

As long as you regularly do 15 journeys per month then it will be automated, less than 15 then it is manual.

I would hope all units enforce the 50 mile rule as stated in the JSP

Have a look yourself in JSP 752 (it's not rocket science you know)

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