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Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by rogermellie, Apr 12, 2009.

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  1. Being a total tool when it comes to everything about puters i am looking for some help fellow arrsers!
    Ok problem is i reinstalled xp following pc going t*ts up all ok there however my second hard drive is not recoginised on the "my computer" page although i do see it under disk management . It says it is healthy but when i go to access it it says " not formatted" now i would format it but it has all my music etc on it . Any ideas on how to get it accessible without formatting?


  2. When you go to your "my computer" can you "see" the HDD? Is it listed, and have a drive letter?
  3. Hi,

    cheers for the quick reply.
    Just checked and yes you can see it under " my computer".


  4. Before you rebuilt your PC were the HDDs striped/RAID?
  5. Hi again,

    No the hdd is 160gb sata drive and there were no raid drivers for it.
    It all seems very strange as the second hdd wasnt touched during install although it was left connected whilst i reinstalled xp on the first drive , maybe i should have disconnected during the install of xp?


  6. Do you need to add anything from your motherboard driver disk (if you have it). One of our old computers will not access any other drives until the drivers for the motherboard have been installed, regardless of xp service pack.
  7. It shouldn't matter if it was connected during the install. Have you tried disconnecting it, then re-adding it?
  8. Just tried PA still the same :x
    Jethro all Motherboard drivers are installed and are up to date.

    I guess there might have been a glitch during xp install?

    Cheers for your help guys

  9. in disk management is it listed and active?
  10. good drills all round ta very much sorted !! :D


  11. What was the problem??
  12. Hi,

    well i ran through all the links posted to avail.
    I then downloaded a programme call file scavenger, got off what i wanted then reformatted the disc .
    I think the file structure on the drive must have got corrupted prior to pc going belly up ( prior to fresh xp install)
    I really reccomend file scavenger plenty of links out there for it :wink: .
    you can get files off corrupted/unformatted discs, a real life saver.

    Kind regards,

  13. Oh I see. The MFT was probably corrupt.