HDD dock/cable... read old drive...

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Pompey_Jock, May 13, 2009.

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  1. Have an older (about 2 years) HDD from a tempremental laptop would like to get some of the data from it - in a hurry...(I am planning on getting this older laptop sorted in next few months, meanwhile just need some documents from it).

    Now I am pretty certain the HD itself is not corrupted nor does it have any faults...

    Have seen a docking 'cradle' in Maplins that would read a SATA drive.. but £30 is more than would like to spend on this,

    Is there some cable or cheaper solution that would allow access to the data on the drive without installing it?
    {Originally had the idea of swapping the HD from older laptop, to the current one just long enough to extract the handful of files I need - but would rather avoid possible complications from that}.

    cheers folks....

    EDIT:- essentially a lead with connections for a SATA HDD at one end, and USB at the other (to attach to working PC to access files)..?
  2. I've got something similar which came with a power supply for HDD. for a fiver it was a bargain as it has several different types of connection too.
  3. I have a SATA lead to USB adaptor thingy - Do you want to borrow it? PM me if you do.
  4. Much obliged to all of the above....

    Ebay has been cited by friends.. and would be ideal but would prefer to get the info I need this evening/tomorrow. Which would require an over the counter purchase.. without gracing Maplins with £30.

    If some tech shop has a SATA to USB lead for a few quid, that would be the answer.

    CC_TA... thanks for the kind offer, and I may take you up on it if I cant find anything else sooner.. would just extend my own deadline a bit. Thanks.

    EDIT:- received and replied to PM.
  5. Just to add... the SATA to USB issue may well have been solved due CC_TA enabling me to borrow his lead/adaptor 'thingymajig'.

    Here's hoping it achieves what I need...

    Failing that there are a few other options. But this is certainly the easiest.
  6. And sorted!

    Thanks to the timely, lead/adaptor loaning intervention of CC_TA the :crash: has been averted and the relevant Word.Docs have been retrieved.

    Have to trace the fault with the whole machine... but that's not as big a rush as I have my replacement laptop anyhow....

    :thanks: Thanks for the loan of the cable... and shall get it back to you over the next couple of days.
  7. msr

    msr LE

    Now go out and buy an external USB drive and backup your files ;)

  8. No worries mate.

    Glad to be a help.

  9. while msr's suggestion is the most sensible, alternatively, for a quick fix to the problem, i'd email the file(s) to myself. this allows me access to the file at any computer with an internet connection.