HD DVD Upscaling

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by SlimeyToad, Jun 30, 2007.

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  1. Hi troops,

    Hoping for some advice from someone who is damn sight more techy than me, i.e. anyone who can switch on a kettle without the instruction manual.

    I've got a HD TV and HD subscription with XYZ and am well impressed with the quality - not a lot at the moment but more and more programmes seem to be slipping through.

    I was considering buying a HD DVD player (my money is on HD DVD over Blu Ray winning the race) but of course only expensive HD DVDs will play on the player, rendering my DVD collection obsolete.

    So my thoughts are now turning towards a Panasonic 1080P Upscaling DVD Home Video System.

    Does anyone have any knowledge or experience of these Upscalers? Is the picture quality up to scratch?

  2. i have a smasung upscaler.

    I dont think mine up-scales to 1080, only to 780 (which is still an inprovement over 520)

    The picture quality is definately much better, detail is great and it is a huge improvement over my old dvd player. It is definately a "HD" picture.

    this unit cost me £99, as opposed to £300 or £400 for a HD DVD Player.

    i am waiting to see who wins the blu ray race before i buy a pure HD DVD player, besides my local blockbuster has a piss poor selection of HD dvds at the moment
  3. If you really want to take the gamble with HD-DVDs, sure, but I've a feeling Blu-Ray might win this one. But I'm still waiting until the market has definately decided.

    A DVD upscaler might do you for now, but it's only a substitution. It's not a true high definition picture so don't expect to get amazing results. You certainly won't be getting the best out of your TV with one.
  4. HD-DVD players are backwards compatible, so you'll be alright if you go with one.

    I'd suggest giving some consideration to an XBox 360 with an HD-DVD add-on which comes in cheaper than most commercial HD-DVD players. The new X-Box 360 Black edition has an HDMI port.
  5. But they're really noisy and have a habit of breaking.
  6. They are noisy(xbox360), I have to turn the volume up really loud to cover the noise of the fan, does anyone know of any mods that can be done or any add-ons you can buy to make it quiter?
  7. The latest firmware update to the PS3 upscales conventional DVDs and PS2 games to near HD.

    My Ultimate Bond DVDs look fantastic!

    Might be worth considering.
  8. Unlikely... The reason they break down is because of the massive amount of heat generated. The reason for the noise are the heavy duty fans required to keep that temperature down. The only thing you might be able to find is a higher quality, quieter fan.
  9. Seems someone found a way to do it *water cooled 360*

    Too much effort for me though.
  10. As someone who works in the multi media industry as a CD and DVD buyer I think that Blu Ray is going to be the winner here. It holds a lot more information than HD DVD. Also I am getting presented a lot more products on Blu Ray than HD DVD.

    Wikipedia info on both formats:
    Blu Ray: 25GB (single layer) 50GB (dual layer)
    HD DVD: 15GB (single layer) 30GB (dual layer)

    IMHO I think that both will become obsolete in 5-10 years anyway as hard-drives become more common and cheaper.

    *edited to add*
    (From above Blu Ray wikipedia entry)
    Currently, Blu-ray Disc is exclusively supported by Columbia Pictures and MGM which are both owned by Sony, as well as Disney, 20th century Fox and Lionsgate. Both Blu-ray and HD DVD are supported by Paramount Pictures, DreamWorks, Warner Bros. and New Line Cinema. HD DVD is exclusively supported by Universal Studios and The Weinstein Company.
  11. Thanks for the info, troops.

    I'm not much of a gamer so I'll give the X-Box 360 a miss (I think the noise would drive me barmy in any case) and it would only be a question of time before my son comes calling that his 360 had gone tits up and the immortal words are uttered, "Dad, can I lend (AAAARRRGH!) your X-Box 360 until I get a new one (which I will have to buy!))".

    Given the HD DVD / Blu Ray war that the experts seem to think will swing Blu Ray's way I think I'll hold off on that one for the time being and make do with an Upscaler - reading above it appears the picture quality is quite good, even at lower resolution, so a 1080P Upscaler should produce the desired results.

    Thanks again, guys.

  12. Asked a friend in the industry and his answer was;

    If you buy a decent one yes (£300/400).But even then, the quality will not be as good as a DVD. You can't make up info that doesn't exist in the original recording, upscaling just produces an average of known data either side to fill in the new pixels in the HD image.

    Hope this helps.

    He also added that a decent HD or Blueray player will upscale anyway if backward compatible.
  13. If it helps, Samsung have recently announced a dual format (HD-DVD and Blu-Ray) player. It's obviously a bit more expensive, but at the moment it's the fence sitter's optimum choice (apart from not buying anything at all, obviously.)