HCR LAD REME info required


First time user here, spent quite a while searching the forums for information before deciding to post and couldn't really find what I was after.

Looks likely that HCR LAD REME Windsor will be my next posting and I was just wondering if anyone can give me a heads up on what to expect and basically whether or not it is a good posting! Furthermore, my trade is Tech!

Cheers all
I'm a few years out of date but I suspect that the basics haven't changed.

Your job will be the same as if you were posted to any other LAD, however, HCR are a breed apart, unlike any LAD I ever served in and this posting may make or break you.

How you are treated (or used to be) will depend on two things.

a) Your rank. They are very rank conscious and this becomes more profound the higher up the ladder you are. I suspect that as a Techie you are at least holding a lance jack stripe. If you are a lance jack you will be allowed into the WO & NCO's Mess. It's exactly like a standard Sergeants Mess and your behaviour and standard of dress whilst in that mess should be appropriate. You will have to wear a Jacket, collar and tie whenever you use it.

b) Your attitude. The HCR are steeped in history and rightly proud of their heritage and have extremely close ties to the Royal Family. Expect some pomp and bullshit and try and enjoy it. Don't try and fight the system, it's not a crappy old workshop where you can hide behind a load of other miserable tradesmen, if you start whinging and whining whilst at Combermere and you'll stand out like a sore thumb and your time there will be bloody awful. It's a close knit LAD where you can shine if you stand out technically, and if you 'join in' with the Regimental ethos you will make some very good friends within the Regiment.

I realise that on any posting to a Regimental LAD I would offer the same advice, however, HCR are a bit special and some of the rules and regulations can be archaic, (as a Sergeant I managed to get extra duties for, among other things, sharing a taxi back to camp with a lad of lower rank, taking off my jacket and hanging it over the back of a chair in a pub and wearing shoes that were 'too pointy' in the mess. I was ordered to burn them.) As a bit of a rebel (and a very scruffy Recovery Mechanic) I found it very hard work, but I am glad that I put the effort in and it did me no harm what-so-ever.

I found that they were very professional when in the field, and bloody good company on the lash. We easily blagged entry to some really posh parties up town (London) as well.

Soak it up and enjoy it.

Good luck.
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If the CO is ex RDG and TA stay well clear......

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