When you apply to join the Household Cav, do you apply to join either the Life Guards or Blues and Royals, or do just apply for the "Household Cav"?

I've no desire to join either, as I'm a serving RN Officer, nor do I need to know about private incomes etc, just an idle question that passed through my brain earlier!
Most people just go for the H Cav bit, but some do choose. Personally I was H Cav - Then when I got to my basic, I was cap badged as a Lifeguard. There were 6 of us, one wanted to be Blues and Royals (RHG/D) and one wanted to be a Lifeguard, the other 4 of us were split - 2 in to each.
Really (To try to put it in Navy terms) it's like having 2 ships, which are sisters. they sail everywhere together and now and again, people tranfers from ship to ship. However on occasions, people join and they have a brother or (Most I've know) 5 family lines on one ship so they specifically request that they go to that one ship.
Cheers - happy with the analogy, it was more based around the fact each regiment has quite different uniform. It would be deeply dull if you had to by two sets, simply because your MS Rep couldn't make his mind up!
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