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Discussion in 'RAC' started by alfred_the_great, May 5, 2010.

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  1. Re-post from the Officer's recruiting board:

    When you apply to join the Household Cav, do you apply to join either the Life Guards or Blues and Royals, or do just apply for the "Household Cav"?

    I've no desire to join either, as I'm a serving RN Officer, nor do I need to know about private incomes etc, just an idle question that passed through my brain earlier!


  2. Not sure about officers, but I'm joining HCav and chose to join the Blues and Royals. I guess you choose before training so when you get there they have your cap badge, etc. ready for you (Life Guards and Blues and Royals cap badge is different). The also operate as two separate squadrons, though do the same job. Correct me if I'm mistaken..!
  3. JINGO

    JINGO War Hero Book Reviewer

    No you would apply to join one or the other. Though both serve together in the HCR the Regiments remain separate and retain their own identity.
  4. Grand, cheers!
  5. Not sure about Jingo, but when I joined there were 6 of us (troopers) 3 of us became Lifeguards and the other 3 Blues and Royals. It makes no real odds, If you end up (I see it says RHG/D) LG squadron, (If their not all mixed now) you'll get the pi55 ripped a bit, but nothing harsh, everyone still works together in a proffessional manner.