HCR/HCMR highest CDT failure rate

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by western, May 20, 2010.

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  1. According to the Sun anyway. Pity they dodn't point out that the HCR/HCMR combined totals about 1000 so in proportion they must be the highest failure rate.

  2. 500 positive tests out of 125,000? i'd call that damned good if you ask me.
  3. RMP didnt have any caught, of course no one in the RMP would take drugs, How can drugs stimulate thick as mince but have nicy shiney shoe members.

    However i digress for a tenner i'll give the name of a RMP who smokes weed, but only now again Guv.
  4. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    The Jocks will be pissed off, they've held that title for years.
  5. I recall this thread about a Household Cavalry bloke and drugs:


    ......which seemed to get a bit of mileage on Arrse. The thread originated from an article in the Sun:


    I'm curious to know whether that was what prompted them to go to the trouble of making the Freedom of Information request. I can't see it's exactly "news".
  6. Military Intelligence Regiment? Yerr whaaaaaa?
  7. Gents does this testing include
    1) All Ranks ?
    2) All folk on Government payrole ?

    If answer to (2) is no then why not ?

  8. During my tenure in the world of military drug education (mid to late 90s) the SO2 Drugs at PS2 (A) told me that he had been advised by HM Gubmint researchers and statisticians to exponentially project by a factor of 10 the positive test results during compulsory drug testing. This projection was what the Army identified to be the underlying figure of drug misuse by soldiers. During that period I'm afraid that the Scottish infantry were top of the pops for CDT which PS2 put down to the the relatively high drug abuse in the general population of Edinburgh and Glasgow from where the majority of Highlanders were recruited.

    CDT uses urine testing to screen for drug use. At the time it was cheap (10 UK Pds per sample) and relatively simple to process. A much more accurate and qualitative method was hair sample testing which can date the abuse by the individual solder. Hair sample testing was used by PS2 to monitor personnel who may have been borderline or "forgiven" following the CDT process. Unfortunately it was also far more expensive costing at the time 350 UK Pds per test.

    Proximity to major population centres was considered a factor with drug misuse and I note that the HCMR and HCR are permanently based in Central London and Windsor respectively. Anecdotally the SIB used to find that each battalion sized unit had a drug dealer among the the Pte/LCpl ranks who was the interface between soldiers in the barrack and the civilian supplier. Whether that it still the case I do not know but I'd be very much surprised if this had altered.
  9. When we took the Queen's Shilling we signed up to a more demanding code of conduct than the Great Unwashed. That is why the Army followed by the other two Services adopted compulsory drug testing (the Air Force came kicking and screaming). At the time of adoption (mid 90s) there was in the Army (Germany in particular) an explosion in drug misuse by soldiers which very nearly overwhelmed the existing counters measures such as the SIB, lengthy investigations and reports followed by courts martial. Flash to bang as they say could take up to nine months.

    As to whether or not gubmint departments should adopt CDT for their staff is a matter for them and their staff associations.
  10. I wonder what the result would be from a comparable size civilian company, higher would be my guess.
  11. Considerably higher would be mine. There are certain transport companies that expect their staff to submit to a drug test upon request - but it is only used when they know almost certainly they are going to get a positive test - and their extrapolation (these are people driving buses on our main roads) is that around 10-15% of their drivers in urban areas are "problem" drug users.

    So the loggies aren't doing too badly, considering.
  12. It depends on the company. According to a freind who works there, Deutsche Bank recently had to let a lot of their traders go and they chose to drugs test them rather than pay for redundancy packages. The positive test rate was 30%.
  13. Lowlanders surely??
  14. Due to the historic poor recruitment of Highland regiments they also fish from the Edinburgh and Glasgow pools
  15. Deleted by author due to error in submission