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Can anyone help us at all? My husband is in the Navy and has been posted to a different part of the UK for several years, so we let our home to the MOD via their agents HCR. We had redecorated and it was in immaculate condition, due to my husband and I not having lived there for more than 6 months in the 8 years since it had been built (I had my own home prior to our marriage and then we went into Married Quarters up country). We fully expected a family or some LTs to be put in there but HCR put some squaddies in who have trashed the place and left us with a bill of £5.5K (which we just can't afford as I am not working as I have a toddler, and my second baby is due on Christmas Eve).

HCR have told us that they have informed the MOD of this and they have come up with an offer of £1.8k to repair all the damage (things like door handles put through walls, bannisters removed, venetian blinds broken and then lost). They are even refusing to rectify damage that the tenants put in writing that they would repair, (when we found out about it and hit the roof). I cried when I saw what they had done to our lovely house.

HCR claim to have informed the MOD about this, but we have reason to believe that they have not, as if a claim is above a certain amount, they get charged for not monitoring the tenants. However, we have been unable to track down the person they are supposed to be dealing with at the MOD (as unsurprisingly they won't tell us).

My question: Does anybody know who in the MOD deals with HCR as we want to contact them directly?

Any help or advice would be much appreciated.


The guilty tenants must have signed a march in certificate / licence to occupy and done a march out of some sort... they are liable for the damage caused and there will be a paper trail which can be followed. You could always report this as criminal damage if push comes to shove.
See a solicitor - you'll get an initial consultation for free and may be able to find someone to take on your case at minimal expense to yourself.

If you signed up with a letting agency then chances are your complaint is with them rather than the tenants, but I'm not familiar with the situation.

By the way, I am in no way connected with the HCR you mention!
Hello Carolyn,

I am sorry to hear about your situation. I have spoken to our Housing Specialist who suggests you contact the Customer Services Manager at Defence Estates Operations Housing to discuss what has happened to the property and how best to recover the charges.

Put all your information down in writing and send to:
Customer Services Manager
Defence Estates Operations Housing
Room S201, Building 351
RAF Brampton
PE28 2EA

As an aside, presumably you signed a contract - look into what the agreement undertaken states for this type of situation.

Best of luck, I hope you get the problem resolved. Do come back to us if you require further assistance.

Kind regards,
Emma Prince
Marketing & Communication Manager
Naval Families Federation
As previously intimated you may (also) wish to make a complaint to the Service Police for acts of Criminal Damage.


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Emma - NFF

That is one of the most helpful (and no doubt welcome) replies that I have seen on these websites.

Well done!
Hello Auld-Yin,

Thank you very much for your comment - glad to be of assistance!

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Take care.

Kind regards,
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A similar thing happened in my area and the owners as a last resort,gave the story to the local TV station's consumer program, as soon as MOD found this out the place was refurbished in record time, couldn't face the embarressment and it would have done a lot of damage to local public oppinion

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