Discussion in 'RAC' started by tom_c, Dec 25, 2005.

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  1. HI all

    i am hoping to join the Household Cavalry- Life Guards. and i was drawn to the Regiment mroe, by the program "the Queens Cavalry". i was just wondering about the daily life in HCav when not on QLG. And also what are the promotion aspects like?

    I am, at the moment awaiting my medical report back from the Army Docs, so hopefully i will starting training in May.

    Any infomation would be greatly appreciated.


  2. also later on in my career with the Regiment could i be trained to support RM units and work as a commando?? how long can you serve with a field unit? can you stay for more than the 2 years if you so wish? Also i would like to train as a medic and farrier (getting abit carried away i know!) but would all or even half of this be possible?

    sorry for alll the questions

    any info from Cavalryman (LG or RHG/D)

    thanks alot

  3. ....obviously not.......

    I think you will find that the RM/Cdo role now sits with the Light Dragoons (?). HCav are roled to 16 Bde and therefore 'Airbourne' (whatever that means these days!!) rather than 'Seabourne'. That said, I'm sure you would be allowed to have a crack at the Cdo Cse. I also remember a few posts on the Farrier side of things, but you will have to have a look about to find them. The new Team Medic followed by the RMA 1 Cse (has a new name I think) should get you the Med quals you are after, but I don't know how the HCav run that.
  4. Flyingrockdj

    Flyingrockdj War Hero Moderator

  5. PM me - I've just spoken to the HCav recruiting team about your question
  6. Although I have been a civilian for 10 years so am not "current" I would say your chances of being trained to support the Royal Marines are "zero". They will not send you on a course that is of no benefit to the regiment. 1 RTR in the CRBN role are sending soldiers on the all arms commando course because 1 RTR DO support the RM. The H Cav have no amphibious role do not support the RM and so will not send you on a commando course. what would be the point? I am ex RTR not cav but I think that although It might be possible to train as both a medic & a farrier I doubt it would happen. If you are sent on a course it is so you can learn skills that can then be put to use "for the benefit of the army not for your benefit". It costs a lot of money to train a farrier or a medic and they will want their money's worth out of you "in the stables or the medical centre".

    There should be no problem doing a first aid instructors course but they would only train you as a medic if it was planned that you would work in the Medical centre!! You won't be allowed to shoe a horse in the morning and carry out a brain transplant in the afternoon!!
  7. ahh rite i see now, well i jsut failed the medical! and i have no chance of appealing, i have however spoken to a CoH at HCav RRT and im going to speak to a Captain on monday about it.
  8. HCR can work with the Royal Marines . Without swinging the lamp too much , on telic 1 my Sqn deployed with 3 Commando brigade
    at first the Royals didnt know how to use us or our role (us being Formation Recce same as HCR) but once we settled in ,by the marines own admission they could not of done it with out us . You will find the Marines good soldiers to work with and nothing was too much trouble for them.I know 3 Commando brigade want to have a formation recce regiment attached to them , how ever i beleive the Light Dragoons have that honour . HCR have the airbourne commitment in D sqn .
  9. Did not members of a Cav/RAC unit get awarded the Cdo dagger to wear by the RMs in recognition to the great job they did alongside the RMs on Telic 1 ?

    sorry if this is drifting off topic
  10. Yes we did . C SQN ,!st the Queens Dragoon Guards .The army took them off us as soon as we got back to UK
  11. Why,seems abit petty minded.Thought that once awarded you could not lose it?
  12. Don't you have to have passed the all arms commando course to be entitled to wear the dagger?
  13. yes LDs do have the 3 CDO bde affliation, QMs have gone out a bought the whole reg junior speedos and water wings.