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Discussion in 'RAC' started by bloodgroup_o+, Mar 27, 2007.

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  1. I'm re-enlisting into the HCav after a stint in the Infantry then Civy street ( too much scum these days ). I'm goin to ADSC tommorow to see if I'm suitable for the Cav ( better bloody be! ). Anyway I've been told by my recruiting office in Glasgow that I'll automatically be starting off in ceremonial, but I spent a year at Harrogate then went through the boredom of ITC catterick and a year in civ pop so you can see why I really want to get in the field. I sent an email to the RRT asking if anything can be changed to send me to Bovy first but as yet have had no reply. Does anyone know if I'll just have to lump it in London for a year or so first or can it be arranged to go to windsor? Any reply is much appreciated.
    P.S last time I did RS I had to do exercises in my scants for the "doctor", is this normal or exploitation? It was brought up at AFC a lot, but I jus wondered what the officialdom line was .lol Cheers
  2. If your not happy running around in your "scants" then i'm afraid the cav isnt for you
  3. Try QDG mate ,the RRT will come and visit you.
  4. Check your PM's
  5. LMFAO
  6. If your recruiting office is glasgow, give SCOTSDG a call. No public Duties and straight onto real tanks but still the option for recce
  7. Scots DG recce???? your having a laugh.Close recce is dog toffee . Formation recce is the real thing . QDG all the way .
  8. :pukel: :toilet: Clear Hot!
  9. s54 ''Thats a Delta Hotel call ready copy next 9 line''

    Your target is a large CR 2 tank static in field because its broke down again.

    Go GLO!!!!!!!
  10. ignore them bloodgroup, they are only upset that they cant play with the big boys toys. :)

    If you want formation recce, may i suggest the 9/12 lancers? they are our elite FR unit far better than the QDG
  11. Oh dear...
  12. :thumright: that really is the ultimate insult, isn't it?
  13. Lower than whale shite mate.
  14. WHO?
  15. Those in the sock draw Sir!