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Discussion in 'RAC' started by hcavhopefull, Oct 18, 2009.

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  1. sorry if there are any other posts on this topic. but i was wondering if anyone could inform me on the difficulty of promotion within both ceremonial and operational. thanks

    also if anyone knows wether ill have a choice to which unit i can go to first ( hopefully armoured ) that would be helpfull!
  2. Hey mate,
    I spoke to a corporal of horse from my recruiting office yesturday and asked the same question. He said about 2-3 years for promotion. What usually happens is say you went mounted first, after 2-3 years you would go on a promotion course and then transfer to the armoured side for another few years as a lance corporal.
    I was concerned that promotion in HCav was slower then other cavalry regiments but he said it can actually be quicker.

    As for going straight to armoured im not sure, guess we will find out at Bassingbourn.

    Hope that helps, also il keep in touch if i hear anything about phase 1 dates.

  3. cheers for that mate. glad to hear that. but what do we do? wait for our recruiter to call with a date?
  4. My recruiter just said to call him every 1-2 weeks, im on the waiting list so just got to check in see if anything has come up. Thats all i can do, such an anti climax, being offered a job but having to wait for who knows how long!
  5. we all knew it would be an anti climax though didnt we buddy haha. just think how good itll be to be stuck into phase 1!
  6. HCavHopeful and Liame30, because The Household Cavalry is made up of two distinct Regiments there are more opportunities for postings than other Cavalry Regiments. Does this translate to rapid promotions? Probably not as much as the recruiters would like you to think. If you're good you will get on, there is no automatic promotion for time served. As for HCR/HCMR after Phase 1, it is more than likely you will head off to HCMR for a couple of years.

    You've made a great choice of Regiment (unless you become Life Guards!), good luck.

  7. Cheers for that, nice and imformative! And im hoping to get into the blues and royals youll be pleased to know.Looking forward to the hard work and endless cleaning and poloshing ahead!
  8. Flyingrockdj

    Flyingrockdj War Hero Moderator

    Well you won't have to do much kit cleaning in the Dinks!
  9. i sense an ex or current life guard haha
  10. Currently there is no option to go straight to armoured, you must do at least the khaki and kit ride. Once you pass out and get to Knightsbridge you can theoretically keep pestering to try and get moved over but the chances are very very small. The only lads that have currently gone armoured without passing out of riding school have picked up a pretty bad injury i.e. out of training for a few months, and even then its not a guaranteed ticket to the tank park.
    Realistically I would set yourself up for doing at least a year to 18 months on the horses if I were you.
  11. I will do, cheers for that!
  12. It is possible to start as a trooper, go to HCMR as a L/CPL, back to Windsor after 2 years, spend some time there and then go back uptown as a LCoH.
    Life's a bum when you have to go HCMR first, but believe me, it's a real tw&t doing it after a few years in HCR! The riding instuctors take it out on you more by that point, all the ribbing as they ride out of camp, I think they have a list and tick you off as you go through riding school!