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Discussion in 'RAC' started by RifleButts, Sep 14, 2012.

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  1. A question on behalf of a friend whose son is joining up...

    Do HCav soldiers go to Bovi for phase 2, or straight to Windsor / Knightsbridge for donkey walloping and then pick up the armoured stuff when they move back to HCR? It would seem silly to get qualified at Bovi and then forget it for two years, but this is the Army...
  2. I start basic in January, and I'm going for HCav. As far as I'm aware, it goes like this:

    14 weeks basic training, at Winchester (adult entry)
    12 weeks riding school at Windsor + 4 weeks training in full kit at Knightsbridge
    2 years ceremonial duties in London

    After that, you can then go to Bovington to do armoured training.

    This applies to most, if not usually all, HCav troopers.

  3. Thanks - Can't wait!

    Does anyone know, after riding school and then working in Knightsbridge, what is the typical working week? How many weekends/days a month would I get to head home, on average?
  4. Giving us an idea of the region you live on may help someone to provide a sensible answer .
  5. I live in Manchester - the careers office didn't have any idea and I've got no one else I can ask! Would just like to know for the g/f's sake and to give family a heads up too.
  6. Most soldiers will head off to Windsor/ Knightsbridge for their Phase 2 Mounted training after completing basic. Occasionally some will go straight to Bovington for Armoured training. With the deployment of HCR on Herrick 18 in April 2013 it is likely that the majority of soldiers from basic training will head for HCMR.
  7. Working week! It was (doubt it's changed much)
    06.00 - Get up mongs!
    06.20 - Stables
    07.00 - 08.00 - Watering order
    08.00 - 12.20 covers Breakfast, grooming, turning out the QLG (they'll always have troop support due to inspection for positions)
    12.30 - Feedaway
    13.00 - 16.20 Afternoon stables - Lads on QLG next day will clean their kit, sort horses out, tidy up tack and crap.
    16.30 - 18.00 - Last 2's (sort out the yard for bedding down)
    18.00 Orderly officer inspects every troop and then the stable night guard takes over.

    Same thing every day really! Sunday's stable is 07.20 due to no watering order on a sunday, Saturday afternoons and sundays are reduced in staff needed.

    QLG is is LG one day then RHG/D next, so you'll either have the guard coming off or going on.

    On top of the usual routine, you've got the parades, I think April is Major General's parade (In Hyde park), June is the Trooping, the Garter (On foot) is the Monday after, plus there's usually a Royal visit escort to do within a week or 2 of that. There's the State opening of Parliment and another Escort in Nov time. Oct / Nov there's the Lord Mayor's parade and Rememberance day, but one year LG will do the Lord Mayor's and the Blues will do Rememberance Sunday, next year it swaps.

    If you get a grip of your kit, like not throwing it it your locker after an escort, making sure your boots have their trees in them etc, you'll do fine.
    It's great on the piss, you'll get the best photos you'll ever have and if by the time you go armoured, if there are lads straight from basic training, you will see a big difference between them and you. The admin skills you'll learn in Knightsbridge will be able to last you a lifetime - You need those skills to get through 2 years of HCMR!

    One final bit - I did 4 years in Windsor and then riding school (was 16 weeks & 4 weeks kit ride) before my last 2 years of 6 in HCMR. Riding school is hard, I really mean hard, you'll only ever do it once. It's better to do it as a crap ass Trooper fresh from basic, rather than a someone who's spent 4 years getting wasted in Windsor and knows how easy life can be!
  8. Depends on man power - But it ain't as much as you would in the Regiment, don't worry, London is that good on the piss, you'll forget about your bird!
  9. Thanks for all the info ex_donkey_man, much appreciated. I won't be able to forget about her that easily I'm afraid - We have a mortgage together and she's hopeing to move down there with me to married quarters when we tie the knot at some point in the not too distant future!

    By the way, how common were married soldiers in HCMR/HCR?
  10. Awfully common I'm afraid. Most of them harnessed to lumpy tattooed harridans.
    But whats a chap to do, someone has to tend a chaps ponys whilst he cuts about being fabulous.
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  11. Hahaha sounds about right I suppose.
  12. The natives are revolting. :=)
  13. Enjoy doing 2-3 months stagging on with no breaks.
  14. Ah well, I work as a security guard at the minute already doing ungodly hours so I suppose I'll be used to the long days.
  15. I think marriage in general in the army is younger than civvie street - mainly because of being away. If it works, get married, go HCMR, nice cheap as hell pad in the tower block in Knightsbridge (Or maybe in Victoria) then rent out your house where you live now. Wife can stay in flat in HCMR when you get posted to Windsor anyway, so for married life and kids, the majority of the time you'll be Knightsbridge or Windsor, apart from if you get 2 year posting and then they'll move the wife and kids with you.

    Quids in and if you do you're full time, you'll leave to move in to a house (one you're in now) with no mortgage, full pension and the chance to get another 25 years or so on to another pension!