HCav Phase 2 Training

Alright, ARRSE. Question.

HCav Phase2, what's the score?

Conflicting Report 1)
After P1, all go to Windsor to do a horsey P2. All go to Knightbridge/HCMR. [Official line from Army Careers Centre]

Conflicting Report 2)
After P1, group is split, some go Bov for warry P2, some go Windsor for horsey P2. Groups go to HCR/HCMR respectively.

Conflicting Report 3)
After P1, all go to Bov for a cut-down warry P2, all go to Windsor for horsey P2. All go to Knightsbridge/HCMR.

Or "None of the Above". In which case...wtf? Friends are asking me what I'll be doing, and "I haven't a clue"/"Whatever I'm ordered to" looks like I haven't done my homework/am a mong.
2, but you may find they try and push you into doing the 'bridge, this is just due to numbers I'm afraid as Windsor is regularly overmanned. My advice if this was to happen and you have your heart set on real soldiering and not fannying around on a horse is to go to the RMO asap in training with as much of a rash as you can handle(use itching powder) and convice him/her you're allergic to horses. That's just what former collegues did to avoid the bridge. If you are of the opposite side of the coin and dont want to do Windsor but are eager to sit on a horse, I don't get it.
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