HCav or 9/12 L?

Discussion in 'RAC' started by Animal, Mar 18, 2006.

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  1. Hi, I've just signed up on here and wondered if I could get some advice?

    At the moment I have just started the process of trying to join the Army. The careers office have given me loads of leaflets and stuff on all the regiments I'm interested in. Working with tanks looks like it could be more fun and much more interesting than the Infantry. In particular I like the look of Armoured Reconnaissance, but I'm not sure which is the best option - H Cav or 9/12th Lancers?

    I'd really apprieciate any advice or comments.

  2. I think you will find most people will agree with me!! HCAV!!
  3. What about QDG ?they have the same role but do it twice as good . Failing that there is
    always the Light Dragoons again the same role and they are a good out fit . I guess it
    depends on where you are from . At the moment there aew 5 Formation recce regiments
    in the British army , have a look at all of them .
  4. Was hoping someone else would mention the QDG.
    Queens Dragoon Guards are by far the best armored recce regiment in the British Army mate, sod the lancers and the household cav. QDG mainly recruit from wales and Hereford however they started off as a London Regiment, dont let those taffs bully you ;) Give the QDG a look matey
  5. I was going to say that the QDG are by far the best (and results to prove the fact) but Cavalry swagger
    beat me to it . Even if you are not from the QDG recruiting areas you can still insist you want to join them .
    Formation recce is THE job to do so you might as well join the best at it .
  6. Also if you're looking to go sniper then QDG rank up in that respect also, got some very nice piccies on the camera of our shadow lads. If you do end up going for QDG give me a shout and Ill give you some tips on your training and your cap badge etc.
  7. And they have some excellent FAC's.FAC being the ''hardest man on the battlefield''
  8. Cheers cav swag , As Max Boyce says ''I was there'' theres a photo of me in my doss bag
    on the AL FAW reading a bluey in the same photo collection . ''In Hot''
  9. Ah let me guess you drive around with full combats on top and shorts and sandals under the rim? your idea of disembarking is legging it out of the oblutions when the mortars came in? :p
  10. QDG have a good rugby team as well . played the German national side last year (ok we lost but still...)

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  11. Still got my rugby shirt, bit torn now, use it to work on stripping motors but hey ho. Good Judo as well

    You do realise to win the game, you need to move, not just pose for piccies :p
  12. Hi, Thanks for all the replies.

    I've had a look on the Army website and the link provided at the QDG's. But I'm a Northamptonshire lad, so would that make it difficult trying to join QDG/Light Dragoons or any non-local regiment?

    What do you reckon?
  13. as myself and pave have said, if you are determined to join a specific regiment then they cannot stop you. QDG HQ is Maindy Barracks, Cardiff based currently in Osnabruck in Germany, only a short trip to everywhere else on the autobahn. Rumours at the moment of moving to RAF St Athan (outside Cardiff) when the Welsh Guards bugger off. Not bad accomodation at St Athan however the noise is a pain in the arse
  14. Animal,
    Where do you want to be based, Germany or the UK? If in the UK, where?
    Don't beleive what people tell you here, they all have a rather biased opinion.......i'll say no more.
    Paveway_3, what proof is there that QDG are the best FR Regt (I'm happy to accept that they are if i see the proof!).
    All FR Regts have FACs and Snipers, so don't think that only one regt will provide you with that particular role.
    Animal, look at the various regt's recruiting statistics - are they well manned? If not, you might have a harder time than if they are. Also, if they are not you have to ask yourself why not. that said, all the FR Regts are good, some better than others - with the exception of the 9/12 Lancers, but they don't count