HCav Life Guards and Blues & Royal

When choosing your regiment, do you choose HCav like you would 2RTR, QRL, QDG and so on, or do you choose the Life Guards or the Blues and Royals? Also, apart from ceremonial dress, what else are the differences between the 2?
I strongly suspect that you would choose the capbadge (LG or RHG/D). As to the difference besides the ceremonial uniform and capbadge, not much in reality. No doubt a kindly HCR type will be along shortly to tell you that they have totally different cultures, but given that they operate as part of the same two regiments, the reality is that there is no significant difference beyond what you would find in any two squadrons of another regiment.
Aren't they techniqually the same regiment? I was told the CO is one capbadge, RSM (or whatever they have, RCM?) is the other.


My Troop at Pirbright had a few aspiring donkey whallopers, they had already chosen whether they wanted to be Blues and Royals or Life Guards and after drill test one wore their respective capbadges.
Why? Do they wallop their donkeys differently?
No difference between them at Regimental level. Little different in traditions, but even they are fading. (Banging brooms, singing something about Lloyd George etc),however both Blues and LG now do this at Brick-hanging.

So don't worry about the regiments, all the Sqns at Windsor (Armd) are mixed and are separate for ceremonial duties at Knightsbridge.

Hope it helps

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Because differences are so minimal, would it be shallow of me to say Blues and Royal are my choice as I prefer their ceremonial dress? When deployed on ops, do the two combine e.g. LG driver and RHG/D gunner & commander?
A couple of other threads have suggested that going to Knightsbridge first means when you turn up at Windsor you're not fresh out of training, your personal admin is second to none. But I guess both side have their benefits, thats why the Household Cavalry appeals to me.
Don't worry, they'll teach you how to ride from scratch (regardless of whether you have previous riding experience or not).

I would suggest that in the absence of any other real differences, you might as well choose on the basis of which ceremonial uniform you like the look of.
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