Hcav - do you need a private income?

Discussion in 'RAC' started by rjh15, Dec 27, 2006.

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  1. I am in my final year at University, I have passed my RCB and was sponsored by the HCav.

    I have met very few members of HCav (or indeed the Cavalry as a whole) but have heard that you need to be independently wealthy to be in the HCav. Is this true? As I am not!

    I want to be in a recce regiment and so would be interested to hear about the character of other recce regiments as obviously I have looked at their websites but I want to know the stuff that they dont tell you on the sites.

    Many thanks guys.
  2. A lot of the subalterns who do not have private incomes struggle a bit the extra messing costs the additional uniform and the dishonest barmen
    oooh scratch that last one.
    If you are any good at backgammon you have got it sussed.
    I know back in the 90's Coronets tended to pay out more than they were earning but it is not impossible to get by without a private income and it is definitely worth it for the chance to serve with the best. that's the Blues and Royals by the way not them Life Guard thingy's :D
  3. "Coronets" ! Was it the cost of the ermine, before Tony's changes to the Lords ? Those without titles, or only with lesser ones, could perhaps have saved on this, I expect.

  4. You need a private income to join any part of the Army now!

    Just visit your local trucking temp agency and see where your soldiers are!

    Or the evening shift at your local supermarket for the MOD Civil Servants.

  5. okay fair one my bad, Cornet not coronets. I have a man cold!!
  6. Speaking from personal experience, it is definitely useful to have a private income in the Household Cavalry and to be able to prove at least four generations of continuous service in LG, RHG or RD. It is also useful if you own at least half a county, Kenya or at a push, an island in the Western Isles/Carribean. Forget "impoverished gentry", that may cut it in the line cav, but will be seen right through in HCAV. By the way, it´s not in the Officers´ Mess where you´ll have the problem. Your troop will size you up soon enough and there´s nothing they hate more than an impoverished officer. They expect cash and breeding in equal measure, the more excessive the better, a complete disregard for the rules, daily invented orders of dress and minimum attendance. If you can´t offer all of the above, and adventure training on your estate in Scotland, then forget it.

    If however, you persist with this foolish dream, a few tips on how to survive:

    Get lots of extras - that way you can surepticiously eat at the cook house whilst ´seeing up´ the food and avoid extra messing.

    Stuff yourself on toast and marmite at tea time.

    Don´t have an orderly. (Impossible at Knightsbridge, but not necessary at the service regiment).

    Whatch out for the likes of the_butler who has eyes like a shithouse rat when it comes to the port decanter, Bendiks mints etc.

    Become a rent boy in the smarter streets of old Chelsea.

    Hope this helps - I wish you luck
  7. OMG :roll:
  8. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    butler there is room for more than one - you can show him that trick with the horse :wink:
  9. You'll definitely need a private income, to pay for those expensive solicitors when you get caught buggering your batman
  10. plus you have to buy at least 6 polo ponies and pay upkeep....
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    you guys think about that gay 5hit too much I am beginning to have my doubts about you ooooo aaaaaaars
  12. Looks like it's the RTR then?
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  13. Provost Marshal? You're well named!

  14. OK, some of this advice was based on personal experience, I never had resort to being a rent boy.