HCav - compulsory airborne?

Discussion in 'RAC' started by M_Lambert, Aug 8, 2006.

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  1. OK so this is my first post so Im expecting a huge amount of piss taking :) but anyway...

    I've heard and read (on here too) that parts of the HCav are airborne trained. My recruiter has said I would probably enjoy light tanks / Formation Recce, and I am inclined to agree.... but I know I wont enjoy jumping out of a plane before its stopped flying.

    Is the Airborne element of HCav compulsory or is it optional?

    Its not a huge deal as my local tank reg is QRL which I think are Formation Recce too, but hey. Any help on this is appreciated...

    Oh and while im here... scope on the job of Formation Recce regiments? Is there the ability to "move sideways" and specialise as there is in other combat arms (i.e. Infantry have god knows how many specialist platoons etc).

  2. Being an airborne soldier in the British Army is voluntary - there is a particular squadron in the Household Cavalry that is all para trained and therefore not compulsory.
  3. quick response, thanks very much.
  4. Go QRL, youll be alright in there, still got a lot of mates in there
  5. Yeah agreed big style, QRL are OK, you'll get b*gg*r*d in the HCav, and that IS compulsory!
  6. I guess I missed that parade (fortunately) :omfg:
  7. So QRL are the way to go then... fair enough :)

    Just wondering also, I knackered my leg doing MMA months ago... its getting better and now only "twinges". I did a Cadet Section Commanders Course with CTT a few weeks ago with platoon attacks and recces and too much running without too much jip from it... but is being a tankie likely to knacker me up alot again?
  8. Tankies are the RTR, you're talking cav! However, the answer is armoured crewmen do tend to end up with knackered knees from jumping off the vehicles, but you won't realise until you're over thirty! All of us get injured at some point, and usually recover, but if you have a genuine long-term injury you'd be better off getting it sorted 100% before joining. You cannot compare a CTT course with reat training/soldiering. And this is NOT to put you off, go for it young man!
  9. oh and rarden rash, hatch rash, dodgy hearing, missing teeth, and a tendency to loose about half your careers memories due to drink, but its a grand life all the same :)
  10. Sounds good to me... I know the CTT course cant be compared, but its the closest I've got so far :)

    Im currently going off the thought I'll see a osteopath/physio some more, and if it doesnt get fixed completely then I'll go in anyway and just put up with it.

    And sorry about the horrible tankie/cav mistake... I am but an uneducated civi (at the moment) lol.

    Editted to remove the "ten" from the end of gotten ;) Happy? :)
  11. Well apologised - and don't say "gotten", it's very American!
  12. Couple of things for you. I am HCav and also a recruiter. Your injury may be a major problem when you apply, the Doctors at selection are very wary of putting people forward with recent lower limb injuries. Make sure that you are fully recovered and that your GP highlights that point when he or she fills in the medical forms.

    As stated before, parachuting is volunteer only, but at the moment if you are very fit the Regiment would suggest you go for P Company.

    Not being one to knock other Cavalry Regiments, (much) I would suggest that the HCav is worthy of a closer look. They are equipped to infantry standards and deploy troops on foot in this role. I do not believe the other recce regiments are equipped with sniper rifles and Minimi.

    As well as the normal Sabre troops you have options in the Support troop, Guided Weapons and the new troop about to form is Surveillance Troop.
  13. Time to dust off the old ZB298 again, or have we moved on from there?
  14. Not sure what they will be equipped with but the way things are going they will be dusting off WW2 issue binos and using them. Do you think they will retrain the Saxon drivers on 432 or just call up the old and bold?
  15. and the NOD