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Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by sheffielder, Jul 30, 2006.

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  1. hi i am an hca of 21 years nhs i have nvq2 in care and almost finished nvq3 in care i have rejoined the ta after a long gap but in the medical corp this time, is there any hca,s out there who can give me a no b,s assessment of the role i am going to play in the qaranc as ive heard phrases like tea 2 sugars and hump and dump which tells me im going to be sh.t on any info would be apreciated :?
  2. Now i am not an HCA but if you are at all interested i have worked with lots of them in lots of different locations over the years (i.e.) Haslar, TPMH, MDHU's, on deployments etc...

    In my honest opinion...a very useful and much under-rated trade.

    I have met some very capable HCA's who frankly, you would be hard pushed to separate from the so-called 'qualified' staff. I think the issue is one of perception. And that the HCA's often criticise themselves and carry a sub-servient attitude.

    It is well documented nationally that the so-called HCA/HCSW is now in fact the staff member most likely to interact with patients and relatives in many settings. The reasons for why are not for discussion here, but the fact remains.

    Obviously, one or two 'bad apples' can spoil things for the majority. It goes without saying that some are not good. Or all that interested in patients.

    Generally though, a valuable resource!
  3. why did you join the medical corps and not the nursing corps? Like RAF Nurse, i've worked with a lot of HCA's and trained quite a few as well. some of them are very good at their job, especially at making the tea! :lol: :lol:
  4. ring the QARANC recruiting team, Ive pm'd you the number.
  5. If you have your NVQ level 3 -why don't you do your nurse training!
  6. if your a HCA in civvie then you may find yourself being re-badged QA soon! 8O
  7. hi sorry i am badged QARANC and not RAMC my mistake. i tried joining as a cmt but found that the qualifications i had put me in the QARANC as a HCA which suprised me as some of the trained nurses i have worked with are not keen on city and guild HCAs as they feel they are a joke and a threat to their professionalism as one of my collegues once said.

    As Sluice_Dweller said why don't u join as a student nurse and do your training?
    From what I understand it's the same as the NHS programme if u have NVQ3 u can get on to a nursing course! I am a student nurse.
    or the website has some info, if u haven't already looked! good luck!
  9. i suppose i have found that over the years that nursing has change in so many ways,trained nurses are now becoming more like desk jockies with all the documentation they are expected to do and HCAs doing more of the hands on care.i don't want to be bogged down with documentation, let alone afford to live on a bursury this puts me off for the moment at least
  10. If u join the Army as a student nurse u get a salery!!
    about £10,000 more than u wud get on NHS!
    good luck with wot eva u decide
  11. thanks for the info
  12. The first question you should be asking is about your age.
    As you are 43, will they let you in in the first place?
  13. it would be doubtful cos im 43 in the army but rumour has it you would get in to do your training quicker in civie street than the forces but at the mo i am fine becoming a ward practitioner then decide which way to go.
  14. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    QA's are threatened by anyone who may have the abilty to end their monopoly in fluffying pillows and wiping hair out of eyes.
  15. Some of the best most experienced people i have worked with are army HCA's.

    Good luck whatever your decision!