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ive got my health care assistant boards in like 2 weeks and have only just been given my 4 debate topics i have to learn.. please can you help me find information on them because im really struggling to find some and so worried im going to fail! :(
they are:

1- does healthcare governance have anything to do with you caring for your patients?

2- what does accountability mean as an healthcare assistant?

3- what responsibilities do healthcare assistants have in relation to infection control?

4- should poeple be allowed to have free nhs treatment for conditions that are a direct consequence for their unhealthy lifestyle choices?

id be very greatful for help!! really struggling to find information :(
yeah thanks for that very useful information... i of course mainly need help for the first 3 as i can do the last one, i just put it in there for anyone if they have added opinions for it.
I suspect they aren't interested in finding out if you are the next Florence Nightingale, more wanting to know if you have reasoned thought, the ability to speak and make rational discussion.

You should be able to string a few sentences together on each. shouldn't you?
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