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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Glad_its_all_over, Jan 29, 2009.

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  1. PMs from some informed sources and some wording used in a recent posting by him have jogged my memory. I have the distinct feeling that I have met Adastra sometime in the late 80s at either Brampton or Wyton.

    I would be grateful for any assistance; what I recall for now is a shortish, rotund Chief Tech or WO ground trade type - he may have smoked a pipe and possibly had a small moustache. Does this ring any bells with anyone? If so, I'd be grateful for a PM or comment below - it's time we ID'd this stroker for definite.
  2. Entre nous, there was a portly MAEOp on 42 Sqn at Kinloss who might fit the same description. A bit of a penchant for for Heavy, and Theakstons when south of the border. It used to get quite noxious in the rear crew area. Had Arrse and E Goat exisited then we would probably have called him Bad Asstra.
  3. Ah, this'd be an Adastra info op, attempting to deflect the thread of argument. I specifically said "ground trade", I'd have remembered a brevet.

    I think I'm getting warm here. PM just to hand very helpful, you know who you are, thanks very much.

    While Adastra's no Baron Castleshort, there's fun to be had in a similar exercise just among us here. Please forward any relevant insights to me directly or just post below.
  4. Crivens Gladys, this is the first time I've detected such a steely glint in your virtual eye. I'm really quite frightened. Please let me know if I ever annoy you in order that I can grovel obsequiously and avoid a similar fate to our sideways moving chum.
  5. Yeah, usually I try to jog along being amiable and occasionally piling into an argument but remaining calm and rational. I've been out 9 years and my days of being a nasty person are safely behind me; on the other hand, this crabfat twat has been really getting up my nose for years now and it's time to sort it out.

    And.... breathe and carry on normal jogging.
  6. Hardly narrows it down in crabworld now does it?
  7. Bitter and twisted, passed over, loathes the Corps and everyone in it, full of shit.

    No, sorry. Can't narrow that down much beyond an entire Service.
  8. I have been puzzling over his identity. I can't find the thread, but it was about Ashford and he made a post about the exploits one of the first ever female Op Ints named G**l D***y. I was in Squad 58 at the time (as was she). I can remember a crab there, a J/T photographer at the Manor. I've discounted others because given their elderly status then, they must have shuffled off by now. I know there was a re-org of RAF photographers at some time, (merging air and ground phots) and a number of them ended up at JARIC, and then progressed to being IMINT analysts. So, there may be clues: maybe an ex-phot, but at Ashford in 1975.
  9. Been looking through the 16 pages of Subjects posts today 304 since 2002 – has ARRSE been going that long and more importantly have I that much time on my hands ?

    Though there is a large amount of misdirection involved these are not necessarily the most pertinent clues to Subjects his/her identity as items not specifically mentioned may provide much more useful clues. Such as when and what threads he does or does not post on ! Get one of the junior analysts onto it GLADYS !

    Subject has a great deal of knowledge of the 3 services and in particular the Army – the INT CORPS and has a penchant for stating that the RAF – specifically their Int Branch and to some degree the P&SS are superior - he may have a point there - oh no I remember STABLES :oops: .

    Think he has definitely been an OR and subsequently commissioned at some later stage as an LE. There appears to be significant pointers that Subject has knowledge of not only Ashford and Chicksands, but also IMINT and to some degree SIGINT locations and methodologies and therefore his spread of knowledge could span as a minimum the years 1970 to the present day.

    He is obviously extremely well educated in matters affecting the INT CORPS career management system and at first I thought it may be Filbert Fox – who `allegedly` is well connected either as an E2 or supposedly by marriage to the Corps and has in the past posted some derogatory (but quite funny) posts on the forum – however have ruled him out as analysis of his other posts although witty do not portray as twisted mind as Subject and also the time window does not fit – sorry matey.

    My overall conclusion, despite the odd misdirection, is that he is not INT CORPS (although I may be completely wrong and Subjects identity is `hidden in the open`) but a probably recently retired LE E2 (either RA or RE) who has been in the past very closely associated with the Corps and the RAF – who more than likely hoped to be asked to transfer but never was and vents his `anger` through ARRSE – sad barsteward !

    Await incoming from ``RAF Air Control` and the ostomate reference !
  10. I was always under the impression that he was with one of the reservist RAF squadrons.
  11. And before anyone even remotely considers it - IT IS NOT ME ! we only got the interweb down here on the 5th Continent in late 2003. :oops:

    I have not ruled that out as I believe you can join from formerly being in the Army to a RAF Reservist - why ??????
  12. I do think we have to be careful what we start with this thread.

    I would rather suffer with tapeworm than take a pill that made the fecker hang out of my arse, for all to see, while I was getting showered at the gym!

    Personally, I am not overly concerned about persec and at least one person (TMA) worked out who I was from my threads. That may not be true of everyone!

    Yes, Adastra clearly annoys a lot of you, but he is, unfortunately, part of the fabric of the site and as such is under some limited oversight. Can you imagine what kind of trouble that kind of attention-seeker could cause if outing the ID of posters became de rigeur. (No doubt he will correct my French at this point)!

    He clearly has irked GIAO for one time too many, but in my view he is nothing more than an irritant.

    A disgusting worm that can be lived with - better than the possible alternative!
  13. While B_A is right observe that Adastra has become part of the fabric of the site, I utterly fail to see why this should give him some sort of free pass. Exempt one or two marginally amusing one-liners, I have seen nothing from him which in any way enhanced any of the conversations into which he came crashing. I can live with being irritated, hell, it's more or less my default state at my age, but his consistent misrepresentations of the Corps and its status and role have begun to annoy me, not least because readers of this forum are not just Corps, but may come from pretty much anywhere on the ARRSE site (and often do).

    I have no particular interest in outing him publicly, but, especially on our little closed circle here, where we depend rather a lot on being able to secure back-bearings (not necessarily full RL IDs, often just an assurance that someone is entitled to the opinion they are producing) on each other in order to validate or otherwise the points made in conversation or debate. Technical means have their place here and are also under consideration.

    PMs continue to trickle in, for which many thanks. A particular allegation made in several of them is in the process of being checked for accuracy - and I hope to have more news soon. This may be of a surprising nature.
  14. I couldn't care less if people I know - know who I am, many do ! however it amuses me that people are so easily wound up by somebody who is probably Int Corps, (I'll say no more!) and can play people so easily! He could almost be Irish! As somebody who comes from the '75 era I'm sure I must have met him -ha -ha!!
  15. This hasn't gone away, incidentally. We're closer than we were...