Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by happysapper, Apr 3, 2008.

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  1. I'm hoping someone here can help with the following:

    I need to plan an exercise involving demolition stores, namely some PE and dets.

    The question is: can they be transported in the same 4 tonner, or do dets and bang need to be transported separately? And if separately, do the dets attract the full ADR regs (only 1 ammo tins worth) or would a "HAZMAT Aware" driver suffice?

    I know the regs have changed within the last few months; but i have no access to our HAZMAT guru at the mo as he's on leave.

    Cheers in advance!

  2. is this a wah????!!!
  4. Cheers - and nope, no wah!

    Trouble is, everyone you ask has a different answer!

  5. I'm hoping this isn't a wah! :roll:

    NO you cannot transport Explosives and Dets in the same vehicle, ADR licence is required for the driver and you also need a passenger that is either HAZMAT aware or holds an ADR licence with the right catagories.
    You can use Landrover TUM HS ( WOLF ) side bins for transporting small amounts of dets as this counts as a seperate compartment, an ADR driver is still required and a HAZMAT aware passenger, you CANNOT do this in other varients of Landrover.
    Hope that is of some help
  6. You can't carry ammunition of hazard division 1.1 in a single compartment vehicle, and you can't use trailers behind a landrover, as that is still defined as a single compartment vehicle.
    Dets(1.1B) and PE(1.1D) must be carried on seperate vehicles. As for ADR it depends on the net explosive mass(NEM) you are carrying. Under 50Kgs NEM for each vehicle and you only need ADR awareness trained drivers and attendants in each. Point to note that ADR awareness training should be carried out as formal training and officially recorded, usually on the FMT600.
    Hope that helps.
  7. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Look in Pam21 as well.
    I'm sure REstitcher is right mind you I've been out of the loop for a while.
    You need Dinger,he'd be able to confirm this.
  8. Suggest you ignore REstitcher. Its not quite correct.

    Pass what you want to move to your MT they will advise and provide the correct number of vehicles.

    Without a full list of what you want to move, i am loath to advise further than this. There are certain conditions that allow the movement of PE4 and Dets together.
  9. Well the items an RE will normally use on a Dems Day cannot / shouldn't be carried on the same vehicle, i know there are snazzy det holders for ATO/EOD where they can carry them mixed.
  10. Thanks for the responses so far guys. I think it's safe to say that this is sufficiently complex as to be put on hold until our bod gets back from leave!

    Was just trying to get a headstart on the planning - but i'll have a beer instead!

  11. For the record i'm not HAZMAT guru, i'm hoping that some of my input has been correct? and helped out?
    Leave it to the experts to sort :D
  12. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    would the Explosive Regulations used by us bombheads in the RAF be the same as the Army? I remember the was volumes upon volumes of the bloody things when I was in the Bomb Dump at Kinloss.
    I do remember tho that when our (A)EOD teams went out on a olly,the PE & Detcord & .5 de-bulleted rounds (for rocket wrench & other stuff used to remove aire dropped munitions)had to be kept seperate from the dets & firing kit
  13. Thankfcuk my HAZMAT/ADR or whatever its called ran out last month.That has to be the most boring course i have ever done and by the looks of it it just causes trouble between people co no-one seems to know 100% the rules.Far too much to go wrong !
  14. @ happysapper, check PMs.
  15. How dare you, HAZMAT is an art a dark art I'll grant you. But to understand it, is devotion to which none of you heathens are capable. HAZMAT is beautiful, interesting it is the knowledge which will make you interesting and ZZZzzzzz..............

    F ucking hell I was a HAZMAT Instructor for years and a DGSA and your questions make me want to slash my wrists. Speak to someone who is keen but don't take decent folk by surprise from behind you weirdo.

    There is no help for people like me!