Hazel Blears: Common sense should prevail

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Whiskybreath, Feb 25, 2009.

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  1. An extraordinary story (although I'm sure I saw it a few days ago, so why the DT is running it late is a bit of a mystery).

    It's a brilliant piece of PR/propaganda. The Dwarf Queen of Ideologically Sound Pronouncements declares herself on the side of Common Sense and agin all the thought-control which her party has been not merely promoting but making law for the past decade.

    Consider, just for starters, a couple of examples she makes:
    So who brought in the laws which make any act which is perceived to be racist a crime?

    ...and is this the result of 'sensible' lawmaking? It is not. The Health and Safety at Work Act and great rafts of regulations from across the Channel demand that the victims of their stupidity or criminal activity are entitled to consideration and seem to be invariably compensated by the taxpayer.

    She then witters about who Government should speak to and who it should not (referring to a large number of single-issue Muslim organisations roaming the land, eating babies). It should be very clear who the Government should speak to: properly elected Members of Parliament.

    If the New Labour central propaganda office - apparently modelled on Provisional Sinn Fein's - can't be a little less obvious, they should be a little less employed.
  2. She was on Radio 5 this morning. If I was PM, she is NOT someone I would want representing Gov opinion on anything. As soon as Nicky Campbell accused her of Hypochrisy due to the fact that it was her Gov that is guilty of the introduction of such legislation that has lead to the current problem, she stuttered and blustered and had nothing to say.

    She then blustered on about how everyone should be able to discuss issues without fear of upsetting others, to which he then asked why a Dutch elected MP was banned from the country for attempting that very thing.

    If I was GB listening to that I would have my head in my hands wimpering
  3. msr

    msr LE

  4. MSR you cannot quote the Daily Mail - Ashie and Sven don't like it and its all soooooooooooo obviously lies. I find Blears talking about common sense about as strange as Adolf Hitler talking about equal rights for Soviet PoWs.

    She and the rest of her ilk make my p1ss boil! The reason we are in this sorry state is because of people like her, the Toynbee midget, Mandelson, Campbell and the rest of the champagne sipping Guardianistas.
  5. How dare that woman appear on TV with that hair style and lecture me about common sense.

    As usual its one rule for them and another for the rest of us!

    :x :x :x :x :x

  6. Yeah, don't quote the Daily Mail, unlike the Mirror's fake torture stories or the Guardian or Independent everything they write is wrong ;-)!
  7. If memory serves didn't Mr Blair, in his heyday, pronounce against using common sense in courts? Something about magistrates not using a "bit of common" when dealing with cases but sticking to the letter of the law?
  8. Common sense used to be a prerequisite of being a magistrate, this bunch of to55ers got rid of it, its not even on the job adverts anymore.
  9. She is soo getting ready to go for the Labour leadership.
  10. an idiotic, ginger, midget of a labour apparatchik... nature has not been kind
  11. I've heard that David Cameron & Nick Clegg have openly supported the idea. Both seem excited.

  12. Blears talking about common sense! There's one for the Guiness Book of Records!

    Do I see a pattern emerging here? One of the Liarbour MPs in the Peoples Democratic Republic of Brighton wrote to the local rag saying he would like to do 'anything he could' to help TA soldiers returning from the 'Stan. Various MPs are embracing things that they've done their best to destroy for the last 12 years, Cyclops firmly believing that the economy will burst into life in April. Could a whisper have gone around that there is a snap election in the offing?
  13. You missed out Lord Ahmed of the 10,000 Jihadis. He's just been sent down for killing a bloke on the M1 after he'd been texting while driving. His sentence ..........

    ...... wait for it .......

    12 weeks - of which half will be served in the community (i.e. in his house).

    His case was dealt with by the Special Crimes Directorate of the Crown Prosecution Service. This was set up in 2005 during the cash for peerages scandal to decide that Tony had no case to answer, err, I mean to deal with crimes involving politicians and 'prominent people' such as, err, Lord Levy.

    The Special Crimes Directorate reported to Sir Ken Macdonald at the time of Ahmed's crime. Sir Ken was appointed as Director of Public Prosecutions despite never having conducted a prosecution in his entire career and despite having a conviction for drug dealing. Oh - and let's not forget that he doesn't have a degree in law either. The fact that he was one of Cherie Blair's business partners at Matrix chambers is, I'm sure, purely coincidental.

    Anyway, Ken and his cronies considered the evidence carefully. Ahmed admitted driving dangerously. He couldn't deny sending texts while driving. The dead body spread all over the fast lane on the M1 spoke for itself.

    Nonetheless, the Labpur Party's legal affairs department, err I mean the CPS decided that justice was best served by allowing the noble and Labour Lord to plea bargain his offence down to dangerous driving rather than causing death by dangerous driving.

    Common sense? Don't make me laugh.
  14. Not to her I grant you...but to us? Ahhh!
  15. And then they will NEVER be electable FOREVER . . :wink: