Hazel Blears car attacked!

Breaking news on BBC is that this(allededly) tax fiddling and theiving MP's car has been attacked.

A pity she wasn't attacked as well.

Should bode well for her re-election chacnces.

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"I was canvassing nearby at the time and returned to my car to find the damage.

"I had earlier seen a gang of kids hanging around the car. This was pathetic and cowardly."
Even more pathetic and cowardly was that she put them down as 'don't knows'.

She(it?) calls the attack pathetic and cowardly,well one could describe the present government as that.

Nice to see one of their own fall victim to crime"tough on crime and tough on the causes of crime",my arrse.

Question is,will she be able to claim this in expaneses,and if so will she have to produce a receipt?.

Man,this is one ugly woman.


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Picasso said:
Such emotive language.
An unattended empty car ATTACKED ?
No Aunty, the car was vandalised- simple as.
Remember this is the BBC which is required to follow the Nu Liarbour party line hence an attack which will strike fear into the population thus causing them to rely on "the system".
Bet she,s not smiling now, the grinning dwarf.
Hazel Bleares, like Lord Mandy, is a true and rare 'Thing' in Labour circles. Both must be 'treasured' becasue they are wonderfully dotty. Treasured like Hens Teeth, like Faberge 'Eggs'..... Like 'Rocking Horse Sh it!'

So, we msut 'sell' them to the naive, stupid, daft, purile, exceedingly stupid...... Anyone want to buy 'Rocking Horse Sh ite'

Auf Deutch..... "Selten als Schwingpferdenscheiße. Wer einiges kaufen möchte!" :roll: :oops: :?
"This was an act of anti-social behaviour by some youths, the same kind of anti-social behaviour unfortunately many of my constituents have to put up with."

I hope that this was a group of locals who had recognised you and wanted to illustrate how well you are loved. Mess webley for this one, somebody show her where it is ;)


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'Blears told the Manchester Evening News that she did not think it was a protest related to her expenses and that instead it was just the work of "teenagers with nothing to do on a hot afternoon".

She also said it was the work of "tiny minority".

But Norman Eaton, a resident who witnessed the incident, told the Manchester Evening News that he thought she was being targeted because of her expenses.

"This is the people of Salford telling her that they don't accept what she has done," he said.

"She was with a couple of minders and her husband. Lots of people saw them and people know it's her car. They came back and the front window was damaged and the tyres had been slashed.

"They tried to drive off, but they were going nowhere. Next thing, police vans turned up." '


oh dear, what a shame, etc. :p
I find Hazel strangely attractive.
maguire said:
She also said it was the work of "tiny minority".
So it's not the 7 seater Picasso.
Le_addeur_noir said:
Breaking news on BBC is that this(allededly) tax fiddling and theiving MP's car has been attacked.

A pity she wasn't attacked as well.

Should bode well for her re-election chacnces.

No link available yet.
My car was attacked recently, so what makes the 'smiling dwarf' think she should be immune to the kind of crime that the rest of us (mere mortals that is) have to endure?

Or does she delude herself to believe (like many in Nu Liarbour) that they are loved by the masses? :roll:

I trust she has reported it to the police. When I did, they kindly gave me a crime number, and asked me to investigate the crime myself (by interviewing neighbours and potential witnesses) to save them the bother. 8O

Mind you, if I'd have found out who had done it, would they have let me be Judge, Jury and Executioner too? :twisted:
"The ex-communities secretary said she did not think her car had been targeted because of who she was"

Want a bet Poison Dwarf? :wink:
Ha - what goes around comes around! for the last 13 years the Liberal Elite of New Labour have eroded this country's laws starting when the Wicked Witch (Mrs Blair) arranged the Human (criminal) Rights Act.

Yes Mrs Blears these things do happen when there is no deterent and the police service is more concerned with dressing up in burqas than catching criminals.
Quiet news day, is it?
Well I'm afraid I'm all out of sympathy for poor wee Hazel. This is the sort of stuff that 'ordinary people' have to put up with all the time, largely due to the fact we've got a government who allows feral chavs to behave as they wish.

Welcome to the real world Hazel :D
I hope Harmen's car is "attacked" next. Imagine what she would say,
"Gang of men attacked poor window-dressing woman's car! This calls for more equality legislation"

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