Hazards of Some "Foreign" Ammo

Apologies if this has been around already:

44 Magnum Accident - BayouShooter.com Forums

Edited to add:

This has been around a while on numerous forums and there is a lot of speculation it is from improper hand loading. That is why I put "foreign" in quotes--sorry for any confusion. My point was more to see the damage that can occur from fsulty ammo of any source.
Funny how nobody mentions the headstamp?? I'll go with the fucked up handload theory rather than 'foreign ammo.'!

I've never seen chinese 44 mag ammo yet. (soon to be disproved, I'm sure)
Fiocci handgun ammunition can be somewhat on the warm side and has a reputation for causing kabooms. Just look at these quoted velocities:

Cal - bullet - velocity(fps)
25 Auto 5Ogr FMJ 900
7.5 Swiss 107gr MC 960
7.62 Nagant 97gr MC 1082
7.63 Mauser 85gr MC 1425
7.65 Luger 93gr MC 1200
32 Auto’ 75gr FMJ 1005
32Aato 60gr JHP 1100
8 Gasser 126gm MC 790
8 Lebel 111gn MC 880
9 Stayr 113gr MC 1070
380Auto 95gr FMJ 960
38OAut0 9Ogr JHP 1030
38 spl 130gr FMJ 950
38 spl 158gr LAN 890
38 spl I58gr FMJ 730
38 Special +P 115gm FMJFN 1080
9xl8 Makarov 95gm FMJ 1020
357 Magnum 125gr ISP 1500
357Magnum 142gm FMJTC” 1420
9mm Luger 115gm FMJ 1260
grrlr,t Logen 124gm P141 1180
9mm Lager 124/li FMJTC 1200
9mm Luger ld7gr FMJ 1800
9mm ^Steyr 115gm MC 1080
40 S&W 165gr FMJTC” TBD
40 S&W 170gm FMJTC’ 1020
40 S&W 190gm FMJTC” 1000
44 Magnum 240gm JSP 1310
44 Magnum 200gm JHP 1475
44 Magnum 240gm JHP’ 1330
455 Webley 262gr LRN 850
45Auto 230gr FMJ 860
45Auto 200gr JHP 090
It does happen. In the late '80s there was a bunch of Czech 9mm SMG ammo dumped on the UK market. This had steel jacketed bullets and to say it was a 'trifle warm' would be a bit of an understatement. From a pistol it produced a fireball about 2 feet long and a shock wave that you could feel like a Morcambe and Wise face slap. After 50 rounds through a Browning HP we could see noticeable rounding of the locking lugs and peening of the unlocking cam! We didn't shoot any more.

Later on an RFD got some tested by the Proof House and it was discovered that it was well over a 9mm proof load. Ahh - the things that you get away with when you are young and stupid!
This is pulled off the Fiocci website today, and differs somewhat from what was listed above, but some of it is definitely still on the exceptionally warm side (e.g. 7.5 Swiss ordnance is running more than 100 meters per sec too fast!):


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