Hayfever question

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Could anyone tell me whether hayfever will prevent entry to the TA. I rang up the afco and they wouldn't tell me either way, simply saying you would have to apply to see whther it would be a problem.

Any inside info would be appreciated.

Go to your local unit and speak to the doc.




My dear chap, this thread seems to have shrunk overnight. Whatever happened to the spirit of free exchange of opinions and (dubious) advice that we denizens of ARRSE take such pleasure in?

Mr Logic
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I'm pretty positive it won't. I'm regular, and suffered hayfever for years. You should see me in the summer, I looked like a smacked up junkie on meth, and thats from taking 180mg telfasts.

I'm sure it wont be a factor at all.
Mr_Logic said:
Where's the fun in that!
This is a small, serious corner of arrse :)

There are plenty of other places for 'amusing discourse'.

Luckily I got to see the posts before they were deleted by the Boss, msr. Seeing as though there isn't a post on the subject, as far as I can discover at any rate, would it be an idea to leave the posts up as a source of info for anyone else seeking answers about hayfever.
Hayfever/seasonal allergies affect 1 in 5 folk (allegedly) and I dare say many are currently serving and it is interesting to hear about how different people deal with the condition (declared or otherwise). A separate thread perhaps, I dunno. :?
I'm new here, so what do I know! :)
Well, find out from the Doc at your local TAC and let us know ;)

Having just had my medical for the Sigs, I was passed (and they were well aware of my hay fever - I told them I was only taking Over the Counter stuff for it.) Of course, you may find it completely different and end up with a doc who bins you for having any fillings.
I've just been on ex with two lads who had pretty bad hayfever, so won't stop you!
Having not toured yet, I can only make an educated guess that hayfever wont be an issue in the middle east. I have hayfever and spend a lot of summers in Cyprus and Turkey, and have never even had a smitten of hayfever. By all accounts, the environment of these two places is very much similar to the middle east. Others may be able to confirm this.
airsoftdude18 said:
im pretty sure you cant join with hay fever you have to wait 4 years after its clear
"Pretty sure?" Based on what?

On my medical I was quite quite clear with the doc as to my having hayfever and what I took for it (OTC stuff, no not -that- OTC) and it wasn't a problem.

As far as allergies go:

Peanuts: One whiff of nut and you die
Eggs: Your face goes all blotchy and you explode
Stings: You have a ******* heart attack
Pollen: You have a cold for all intents and purposes (if you don't take your medicine which is about a quid for a months supply from Tesco)
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