hayfever again - but this time bad eyes rather than badchest

Does anyone have any info on hayfever with a view to having allergic reactions in the eyes? i think i know the answer to this but i mean an allergic reaction to the eyes is a no-no right?

has anyone had this hayfever induced allergic conjuctivitis and managed to beat it through various antihistamine drops ( i get the OTC stuff and to be honest it hasnt stopped it completely) i was thinking about REME TA buti think this would be my stumbling block. i wanted to help the lads/lasses but i suppose nothing less than 100% eyesight all year round will cut it in the forces.

anybody add anything please

best wishes to all the forces

Seal you eyelids shut or block your nostrils up ,,,,,wear a mask,and then get a life.What site did you think you were on N.H.S Direct????Blind Cnut
wow grippar nice reply,im on the scottishborders as well thanks for showing me a nice level of respect to a neighbour. nah i know its not NHS direct because i got a reply here, then again your about as helpful as NHS direct. i do have a life thanks i was just wanting to do more with it. look forward to chatting to someone as nice as you again really soon
Rinse your eyes out with Bleach while shoving a hot knitting needle down your japseye. Really does the trick.
FiveAlpha said:
starfleetcommand said:
im on the scottishborders a
Same here
Five Alpha..... I've always liked the cut of your jib...... but if it appears you are a Porridge Wog then I can no longer consider you anything other than a bulbous nosed, red headed alcoholic, stories about Blantyre, Jock Stein and Kenny Dalgliesh walting cnut.
minister_doh_nut said:
FiveAlpha said:
starfleetcommand said:
im on the scottishborders a
Same here
Five Alpha..... I've always liked the cut of your jib...... but if it appears you are a Porridge Wog........
I'm on a shooting trip. I'm executing small furry animals using ballistic tipped rounds. I use the rather large exit wounds as a substitue man fanny.
starfleetcommand said:
ok guys i get the pic, sorry i asked. i still send my best wishes tho
Ignore the nasty men, stick around

Read the boards, Suggest you try the joining up forum then slide into your swimming trunks and join us in the NAAFI

Fivealpha and I will be the ones engaged in man on man on the pool table
its a strange thread of chat on here, im gonna sniff some lighter fluid and wash it down with my gerbils pish then i "may" be able to get in the swing of things. incidentally how come no ones actually replying to me on the subject matter!
Because Hayfever is a gay disease.

We are all Gay but macho with it
Read this you useless mong....

Allergic conjunctivitis is inflammation of the conjunctiva (the membrane covering the white part of the eye) due to allergy. Although allergens differ between patients, the most common cause is hay fever. Symptoms consist of redness (mainly due to vasodilation of the peripheral small blood vessels), oedema of the conjunctiva, itching and increased lacrimation (production of tears). If this is combined with rhinitis, the condition is termed allergic rhinoconjunctivitis.

The symptoms are due to release of histamine and other active substances by mast cells, which stimulate dilation of blood vessels, irritate nerve endings and increase secretion of tears.

Treatment of allergic conjunctivitis is by avoiding the allergen (e.g. avoiding grass in bloom during the "hay fever season") and treatment with antihistamines, either topical (in the form of eye drops), or systemic (in the form of tablets). Cromoglicate is sometimes used topically. Azelastine is available as a nasal spray and eye drops.

starfleetcommand said:
hey it is possible to be gay AND macho ive seen it done. george michael for example, now who amongst us on here would not like to live a life like george!
WTF :?
So you have hayfever and associate with gays. I hope your career of choice is the Salvation Army.
well i wouldnt say i associate with gays, i mean they come (thats C-O-M-E) down my earphones but thats about it. hey i got some of my finest suits from the salvation army,im quite dapper around town
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