hayfever a medical disqualifier?

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Whats you medical history like and what are you taking now? Not to scare ya or anything but sometimes it can cause problems later in the recruitment process.

I wont give all the boring details, but hayfever stopped me getting me a job in the RAF, based on a few repeat prescriptions of prednisolone.

Unless youve got a quack who loves to keep you pumped full of whatever, youll honestly be fine. But if in doubt have a look at your record and see how many times youve been given steriods.

p.s. the army didnt have issues with my hayfever.
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Proximo sez:This is 'Joining Up (Regular)' not a free-for-all.

Whilst I acknowledge that the concept of a compulsively sneezing flatfoot wanting to rush about Afghan poppy fields is causing a few raised eyebrows, at least he wants to do his bit.

Apologies to Suits_U for jumping on his post.
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