Haye vs Fury

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by spartan5762, Jul 12, 2013.

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  1. Apologies if this has been done already if so MODs please move/delete.

    Anybody see the press conference? Never been a huge David Haye fan but after that I am hoping he makes the pikeys back wheels fall off. On a work computer or I would put up the link to it but on YouTube.
  2. Absolutely no respect for Haye shown whatsoever, I hope that Haye knocks his head off his ******* shoulders, cocky pikey twat.
  3. I see the usual PR stunts have dragged in another couple of gullible punters.

    Their respective agents and agencies must be very satisfied.
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  4. No mate I wouldnt pay to see it but I really hope Haye destroys him. The whole boxing image is turning into a bit of a farce if I am honest but David Haye was quite dignified at the press conference. Fury though was just a bloke doing a 24Ct walk on 9Ct feet.
  5. TheresaMay

    TheresaMay LE Moderator DirtyBAT

    Indeed. I liken boxing hype these days to be a little like the whole wrestling Shite during the 90s where you had these totally whacky back stories about who's gonna feed who into the nearest wood-chipper next time they meet. And then as soon as the cameras stop rolling they're bezzers buying each other brews and sandwiches, whilst the media guys are rubbing their hands at the interest building over what is essentially a load of bollocks only British schoolkids and thick Yanks would believe.
  6. No dont agree. Plenty of fighters and press conferences go off all singing and dancing and nobody really cares, so when Senna and Mansell went at each other was that all publicity and agents? Plenty of sportsmen and others dont like each other and yes possibly it would be a publicity stunt but at the same time its easy to believe that blokes who are going to fight each other dont get on?
    Lewis and Tyson?
    Benn and Eubank?
    Ali and Fraser?
  7. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    I think it crossed that line 15-20 years ago to be honest.

    Fury was saying recently that he could beat up UFC fighters, but I think the debacle of James Toney trying to 'fight' Randy Couture put paid to any more of those gimmick matches. And didn't Pikey Fury get an invitation to join the WWF a while back? Maybe his big mouth is better suited for that kind of promotion?
  8. Fury is another one of these guys who now unfortunately believes his own hype. When he first started he was quiet reserved and seemed a good bloke (for a caravan flogger) now he has just turned into a bigger version of Naseem Hamed. I remember watching him and he could have been fighting anyone and they would have been my choice to win.

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  9. "Some pay to see me win, some pay to see me lose, but they all pay". A quote from a US wrestler of the 50s/60s Gorgeous George, who was a great self publicist, who Muhammad Ali styled some of his publicity stunts on.

    Fury and Haye are selling the fight pure and simple.

    For those who know their boxing history, remember Jack Dempsey vs George Carpentier in 1921, in what was the first million dollar gate in boxing history, Dempsey was labelled a WW1 draft dodger wheras Carpentier was a decorated WW1 aviator, the public were sold this hype and paid big bucks to see the bout.

    Prior to that in 1910 we had the Jack Johnson vs Jim Jefferies, the former being the then Heavyweight champion, the first negro to hold the title, and hated by the white folks, because he flaunted his money and dated/married white women. The latter being white and having retired as the unbeaten Heavyweight Champion some 6 yrs before. The search for a 'Great White Hope' to defend the 'white race' was brought about in no small way by the author Jack London who is quoted as saying, "Jim Jeffries must emerge from his alfalfa farm and remove the golden smile from Jack Johnson's face.", fight was again sold to the public, Jefferies was no more a racist than anyone else, and Johnson was no more a hater of whites than any other coloured person, but for the fight they were labelled as such, it sold the fight.
  10. Some that I know who follow such things have insinuated that Fury has a lot more going for him than he's been showing.
  11. Agree. Unless Fury has developed some top level wrestling or Jim jitsu techniques on the sly, then I don't think he'd get out of the first round against the top ufc hw, never mind a fighter well ahead of the pack like cain Velazquez (who fury called out).

    I thought the Toney-cotoure match was a huge mismatch, with the former a fish out of water. It didn't appear that Toney had taken the fight that seriously - he was out of shape and didn't appear to have learnt any mat or grappling defences and was soon overwhelmed. A younger, bigger and stronger fury would put up much more of a fight. With sone top mma training, i think he has the physical and (fighting) mental qualities to be a contender

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  12. I think boxing has always been a bit of a pantomime since it's conception. The scandle of local magistrates banning open field fights, the leaked whispers of the new venue building up the suspense to make the fight more enjoyable than perhaps would be (comparable to presentation of food where you 'taste' with your eye before touching the plate).

    Fury can take it too far though. I'm a huge fan of him in the ring and hope he wins and goes onto the klitchkoes before they retire. Maybe outside of it, he will mellow with age and experience (and perhaps experience).

    Really looking forward to the fight as its rare you get a marquee fight like this in the hw division. Recent talent does pale in comparison to the 90s era of bowe, Lewis, Tyson and holyfield - might get better though with the likes of pulev, fury, price/ chisora (if they recover from their losing streak) and potentially wilder

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  13. He wouldn't get out the 1st round with ANY UFC heavyweight and come September 28th as soon as Haye lands a decent clean shot bye bye McFlurry
  14. I'd think he'd get by a Kimbo slice type fighter who hasn't got much in way of a graplling game and overly relies on striking.

    Your point is right though, as think there arnt many of these 'one trick pony' fighters left any more in the ufc. there isn't the protecting of prospects like boxing (i.e you dont get fed a string of bums) and a few loses can see a fighter getting sent back to one off bingo hall promotions. Even a one-time top fighter like Rampage Jackson has slowly been edged out by the ufc - he failed to effectively adapt his game as truely multiple-discipline fighters emerged

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  15. there is no "Kimbo Slice" type fighters in the ufc, kimbo was/is a joke/gimmick just brought in too make some $$ for dana white, he is the most overrated "fighter" in years