Haye vs Chisora

Haye a world champion at two weights, hardly a bell end. 40,000 sell out crowd, hardly a fight that people don't want to see.

Fair point.
I'm not disputing anyone's skills, the bellend reference was more aimed at the way they act...the Klitschko fight, metal barriers between them, etc, still, more hype equals more money I guess.
I'd like to see Haye win, but I think this'll be an interesting fight.
The better fight will be outside the ring. Haye's a Bermondsey (Millwall) fighter and has a big following, so many thousands will be invading Trumpton Park.

After watching the last show with the play fight with the chair and bottle, its starting to make WWE wrestling look like the real deal.
Hopefully they'll batter each other into vegetables.
Good old free online streaming eh? :)
Nice KO from Haye there...plus a couple of belts.
I've got a funny feeling we're going to see another Haye/Klitschko fight sometime in the near future...£££££
Course Haye can fight, he's rated as one of the best Cruiserweights ever. At Heavyweight the odds will always be against him, the fact that he became a champion in the division was remarkable, only bettered by Evander Holyfield.


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